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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#634 flash not working Engine defect r3m0 new 2007-01-25
#832 Problemes exporting as a SCORM Content Package: XML-namespace trouble SCORM export defect brent new 2007-05-26
#881 Conversion; templates Engine defect jim new 2007-06-22
#912 i can't close eXe Engine defect jim assigned 2007-07-11
#989 ref Ticket 951 SCORM javascript in Sharepoint SCORM export defect jim new 2007-08-04
#991 Missing Windows Media Player and Flash Player in eXe iDevices defect r3m0 new 2007-08-04
#1023 I can´t export as web page in version .00 Engine defect jim assigned 2007-08-24
#1037 mp3 device bug? Engine defect jim new 2007-09-13
#1048 slashes added to url without asking Engine defect jim new 2007-09-26
#1049 Different size fonts in multi select and multi choice iDevices Engine defect jim new 2007-09-26
#1063 Spacing in node too close. Engine defect jim new 2007-10-02
#1065 language mix Engine defect jim assigned 2007-10-04
#1074 Attachment iDevice not available iDevices defect r3m0 new 2007-10-10
#1089 Flash "preloaders" don't work in SCORM packages Engine defect jim new 2007-10-25
#1095 Mandriva Linux 2008, python-nevow error Engine defect jim new 2007-10-30
#1108 catalan translation in windows ( mixture with spanish ) Engine defect jim new 2007-11-20
#1124 Misspelling in french Engine defect jim new 2008-01-07
#1133 safari... SCORM export defect jim assigned 2008-01-23
#1145 Video won't play in Firefox after import as SCORM to Moodle or WebCT SCORM export defect jim new 2008-02-02
#1147 Proposals + bugs: printing/export differences Everywhere defect jim new 2008-02-07
#1155 A few questions/suggestions ? Engine defect jim new 2008-02-18
#1157 Two questions Engine defect jim new 2008-02-19
#1183 I am trying to upload Flash file that I saved as a SWF file Engine defect jim new 2008-03-28
#1216 bug in IE 7 for list Engine defect jim new 2008-05-21
#1225 Lost work Engine defect jim assigned 2008-06-01
#1269 exe 1.04 unable to load files created with 1.02 Engine defect jim new 2008-09-16
#1273 iDevices names get mixed up when changing languages Engine defect jim new 2008-10-10
#1276 The Meta-data is Non-Conformant Everywhere defect jim new 2008-10-16
#1277 failure to save as Engine defect jim new 2008-10-18
#1281 latex cube root not working iDevices defect r3m0 new 2008-10-21
#1290 App doesn't launch Install defect jim new 2008-11-24
#1298 page shrinks when exported to web Engine defect jim new 2008-12-12
#1324 Párrafos destacados iDevices defect susana new 2009-03-18
#1325 external website link iDevices defect jim new 2009-03-25
#1333 perso tutto il lavoro Engine defect jim new 2009-04-22
#1337 Cómo puedo grabar las preguntas de elección múltiple Engine defect jim new 2009-04-28
#1345 Inconsistency (fault?) in imsmanifest.xml file generation Engine defect jim assigned 2009-05-19
#1352 iDevice Browser link iDevices defect jim new 2009-12-10
#2801 eXe and Ubuntu 9.10 64 bit (amd64) Engine defect jim new 2010-01-02
#4504 No tree structure in Blackboard imports Engine defect jim new 2010-02-28
#4585 exe will not launch Engine defect jim accepted 2010-03-03
#5313 failing to export to IMS packet of some elements Engine defect jim new 2010-03-15
#6097 Error al abrir el archivo: iDevices defect jim new 2010-04-05
#6101 Can´t run application on Windows 7 Home Engine defect jim new 2010-04-14
#6110 Digital Portfolio Engine defect jim new 2010-04-19
#6127 Exe Geogebra applet Engine defect jim new 2010-05-12
#6224 can't save on my computer asks an ASCII name. What to do? Engine defect jim new 2010-07-25
#6240 Exe isn't compatible with newest version of Java Engine defect jim new 2010-09-15
#6501 eXe very slow to load pages and HTML editor. Engine defect jim new 2011-04-24
#6800 Plug in Performing illegal Operation Engine defect jim new 2012-07-29
#6820 Al cerrar el programa sale este error Engine defect jim new 2012-11-25
#6824 mensaje al hacer un ejercicio de espacios en blanco <type 'exceptions.RuntimeError'>: maximum recursion depth exceeded Engine defect jim new 2013-01-15
#6850 eXe won't open anymore in Windows XP Engine defect jim new 2013-05-30
#6855 Strange code generated by eXe Engine defect jim new 2013-06-28
#6876 Prueba Engine defect jim new 2014-03-28
#6880 izabela hajduk Engine defect jim new 2014-06-07
#6885 eXe on Linux Mint - install Engine defect jim new 2014-08-04
#6886 Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr Engine defect jim new 2014-09-02
#6890 Exception on clicking "Open" Engine defect jim accepted 2014-10-28
#6892 Video Bug Engine defect jim new 2015-02-22
#553 IMS LRM Everywhere enhancement brent new 2006-11-10
#723 Delete The Main item without deleting the subitems Engine enhancement brent new 2007-03-07
#860 including flash iDevices enhancement r3m0 new 2007-06-08
#904 SCORM Open Ended Questions & Answers Engine enhancement jim new 2007-07-08
#1051 Embedding Powerpoint Presentations Engine enhancement jim new 2007-09-27
#1087 .elp format Engine enhancement jim new 2007-10-22
#1149 fonts in gaps cloze activity Engine enhancement jim new 2008-02-12
#1164 support RTL languages in the text editor by adding RTL/LTR buttons Engine enhancement jim new 2008-02-22
#1171 add an image Engine enhancement jim new 2008-03-06
#1180 A few questins Engine enhancement jim new 2008-03-21
#1249 Video files and VLE's iDevices enhancement r3m0 new 2008-07-10
#1278 New Language Support Translations enhancement jim assigned 2008-10-19
#1285 eXe Tutorial mistakes and inconsistencies User Documentation enhancement jim assigned 2008-11-09
#6115 How to add new font-family Styles enhancement jim new 2010-04-27
#6819 Cloze quiz alternative answers Engine enhancement jim new 2012-11-12
#6893 Size of menus and windows Everywhere enhancement jim new 2016-03-08
#990 How to Reenable the Media iDevices Engine task r3m0 new 2007-08-04
#1340 how to print the content in a web-page SCORM export task jim new 2009-05-07
#6891 Getting error when saving the activity to unit page Engine task jim new 2014-11-07
#1044 no folder resources in output (website) Web Site Export defect r3m0 new 2007-09-23
#1064 eXe Trac Spam eXe Web Site defect jim assigned 2007-10-02
#1166 apostrophe Everywhere defect jim new 2008-02-27
#1246 eXe wont run Engine defect jim assigned 2008-07-03
#1321 Image not floating on the right iDevices defect jim new 2009-02-24
#1332 Incompatible Addon Engine defect jim new 2009-04-20
#6143 Right click problem User Interface defect jim new 2010-06-09
#6251 eXe compatible with Windows 7? Engine defect jim new 2010-10-02
#6483 remote XUL not supported in FF4 Everywhere defect jim reopened 2011-03-28
#6565 Firefox crashes on embedding youtube or vimeo video -Mac user Engine defect jim new 2011-08-17
#6796 Uploading local videos iDevices defect jim new 2012-07-12
#6816 Crashes on Video Embed iDevices defect jim new 2012-10-05
#1116 windows media files iDevices enhancement r3m0 new 2007-12-12
#6256 Font Family Engine enhancement jim new 2010-10-15
#550 developer documentation Engine task r3m0 new 2006-11-10
#555 resurrect test suite Engine task jim new 2006-11-10
#549 update stylesheets Engine defect brent new 2006-11-10
#578 user guide update Engine defect helena new 2006-11-24
#627 exporting website with spaces in filename Web Site Export defect jim new 2007-01-23
#1066 iDevice import failed iDevices defect r3m0 new 2007-10-05
#1221 export to html page is not really xhtml Engine defect jim assigned 2008-05-23
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