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#850 Umlaute in Moodle Engine 0.23 defect 2007-06-04

Hallo, wenn ich mit eXe ein Lernmodul erstelle, es als SCORM 1.2 exportiere und dann in Moodle 1.8 importiere, werden die Umlaute nicht korrekt angezeigt.

Liegt das an meinen Einstellungen? Oder ist das ein Fehler in eXe?

#912 i can't close eXe Engine defect 2007-07-11


i just a new user for using the eXe. when i try to close the eXe,but i found

i can't click the close button. please help thanks

#1016 webpage export failed Engine defect 2007-08-21

Webpage export (self-contained folder) failed with the message: Export failed, u'\xe9'

#1023 I can´t export as web page in version .00 Engine defect 2007-08-24

I worked with text, pictures and videos (.flv). Since I couldn't see the videos in exe choosing "flash object type", I selected "windows media" for the same files. In this case I can see videos in exe.

When I tried to export my information as a web page it appeared this message:

exportation failed u"/xe9' I tried to export my information as ims or scorm and program doesn't do anything.

So I decided to uninstall version 1.0 and use .99 to export my information and... videos looks up side down.

File is large, so I suposse I can not send it as web page, but if you write me back I can tell you where you an see it. Thanks

#1062 Can not quit eXe Engine post eXe 1.0 defect 2007-10-02

Mac 10.4.10 Firefox browser Click on help - Tips and tricks, opened up the web page in eXe (firefox) and lost eXe menus.

Could not quit, had to force quit

#1065 language mix Engine defect 2007-10-04

Exe after downloading opens automatically in my local language, not in english. The translation is only partially, in may cases wrong. When I try to go over to english, many topics/word are still in my lokal language, despite of refreshing. How can I get access to pure english version?

#1133 safari... SCORM export defect 2008-01-23

We'e using IBM Learning Accelerator (version 2.7 of Collaborative Learning and hace to test courses for IE, Firefox and Safari users. Safari does not work quite well. Please let us know whether you're interested to follow this up so we can get you more details. On another note: we'e quite impressed with the product.

to check us out click this link (in Dutch) http://www.afora-learning.com

thanks for your time an effort!

#1154 eXe is running very slow when "Transfering data from" Engine defect 2008-02-17

Running eXe on my notebook, it happens. On my desktop eXe runs without this problem.] What is happening?

Palmas, Tocantins State, Brazil.

#1169 pathnames with Greek characters fail on import and export Engine defect 2008-03-04

I picked up some problems:

  • the feedback is the same for both true and false response of the user in True-False Question, Multi-choise, Multi-select iDevices,
  • when the user trying to save the project in a folder who's path contains greek names, appears a window with message "Cannot access directory named ....",
  • the import of media, e.g. images, from path with greek names is unavailable.

#1206 very slow loading ALL pages, similar to Extreme Lag ticket Everywhere defect 2008-04-29

Whenever I start the program or anything that switches pages the display loads in mintues, sometimes up to 5 minutes. I normally use IE7 but loaded Firefox with the Windows install. I at first tried the version that does not need to be installed with the same problem. So I thought that installing a version would help. The message I see at the bottom while it is trying to display any page is: "Transfering from" and the right bottom progress bar moves VERY slow.

I have McAfee? SecurityCenter? and have tried to disable everything with the same results.

I am running Windows XP SP Ver 2002 SP 2 with all of the updates.

#1225 Lost work Engine defect 2008-06-01

I am wondering if there is any way of locating wwrok I typed which I did not seem to save properly... It has just disappeared off my screen :(

#1233 Unable to open Engine defect 2008-06-16

Content was created in 1.02 and I now want to make some changes in 1.04 but am unable to open file at all. I did try 1.03 and gave me the "wrong file format error" message.

#1283 crash log? Engine defect 2008-11-07

Hi - is there any sort of crash log I can look through in eXe? It seems to have wiped out a dir where I was working (opening and closing files). Not 10 percent sure it was eXe, but fairly certain. (nothing in recycle bin, no sign of moved dir structures. Running disk diags a little later.)

#1300 idevices missing in mac os x iDevices defect 2008-12-14

activity and reading activity missing in mac os X version 1.0.4

#1310 Wrong File Format Error : Windows Vista AND XP in Engine defect 2009-01-06

I run eXe on two machines. One is a Vista Home OS, the other Windows XP.

On both systems all attempts to open *.elp files returns "Sorry Wrong File Format".

The Vista machine is stock, with no compression tools added. The XP machine is using WinRAR. Migrating the files to a linux box and unzipping/rezipping does not help.

The target files unzip cleanly to readable content.

This occurs using downloaded ELP files and ELP files previously generated locally.

I have upgraded eXe and used the latest nightly builds with no change. My local ELP files were generated using 1.0.3

#1319 loading old elps containing anchors fails Engine defect 2009-02-17

Trying to load an old elp containing hand-crafted anchors fails.

field.py's ListActiveAnchors() gets horribly confused if the anchor does not meet its expected format, and can consume all memory.

#1345 Inconsistency (fault?) in imsmanifest.xml file generation Engine defect 2009-05-19

If I export an eXe project as an IMS Package, I can't open the package in Reload.

If I look at the imsmanifest.xml file in notepad, it's full of strange control characters. It also appears as if one of the namespace files is missing / mis-assigned.

If I export the same eXe project as a SCORM package, I can open the package in Reload.

If I look at this imsmanifest.xml file in notepad, it's totally readable.

I can workaround the faulty manifest file issue, by renaming the old manifest file, creating a new one using Reload, then cutting and pasting the old organisation, etc. from the old manifest file into the new manifest file.

But that's a pain.

#1278 New Language Support Translations enhancement 2008-10-19

Hi. I add a new language to my eXe. Is it possible that send to you and add to eXe source? Thank you.

#1285 eXe Tutorial mistakes and inconsistencies User Documentation enhancement 2008-11-09

I am a graduate student at the University of Georgia, USA. My professor introduced eXe and expressed the hope that some of us would use it for our projects. While going through the tutorial, I made notes of several items that I believe to be errors, or could be enhanced. I will attach my notes. The notes were created in Microsoft Word 2003. If you need me to submit them in a different format, please let me know.

Let me congratulate you on your endeavor with eXe. It was relatively easy to use. I feel that enhancements to the tutorial will benefit all users. I feel that users with less computer experience might be discouraged by the discrepancies in the tutorial.

Respectfully, Peggy Britt, UGA-USA

#1064 eXe Trac Spam eXe Web Site defect 2007-10-02

The eXe Trac instance has started attracting spam. I guess that means we have made it.

#1184 My video files are in the form .wmv when I attach them I only could hear the sound but no video, what I should do to play the video and sound at the same time Engine defect 2008-03-28

#1203 botton next in the moodle using Scorm 1.2 double the page SCORM export 1.03 defect 2008-04-29

Whem i click in the buton "Next" get always 2 pages, whem it shoud go to the next page, and not to the 2 next page.

#1212 Error on export to Self-containing folder SCORM export defect 2008-05-10

When I try to export the .elp to a Self-containing Foler I get an error window, which says: Failed Export! 'NoneType?' object has no attribute 'storageName'

I have upgraded eXe to 1.04.0 and the problem still exists, can you help me with this? Thank you!

Regards, Thomas

#1246 eXe wont run Engine defect 2008-07-03

We've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program around 3 times now and eXe still is unable to run. Are there any other people reporting the same problems. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

#1307 exelearning doesn't run on openSUSE 11.1 (32 bit) Engine 1.04 defect 2009-01-06

Exelearning built from source does not run:

Traceback (most recent call last):                                                      
  File "/usr/local/bin/exe", line 5, in <module>                                        
    pkg_resources.run_script('exe==1.04.0', 'exe')                                      
  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/pkg_resources.py", line 448, in run_script     
    self.require(requires)[0].run_script(script_name, ns)                               
  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/pkg_resources.py", line 1173, in run_script    
    exec script_code in namespace, namespace                                            
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.6/site-packages/exe-1.04.0-py2.6.egg/EGG-INFO/scripts/exe", line 31, in <module>                                                                                   
  File "build/bdist.linux-i686/egg/exe/application.py", line 37, in <module>                     
  File "build/bdist.linux-i686/egg/exe/webui/webserver.py", line 38, in <module>                 
  File "/usr/share/exe/nevow/__init__.py", line 153, in <module>                                 
  File "/usr/share/exe/nevow/__init__.py", line 41, in load                                      
    compy.registerAdapter(a, clean(o), i)                                                        
  File "/usr/share/exe/nevow/compyCompat.py", line 49, in registerAdapter                        
    adapterFactory = namedAny(adapterFactory)                                                    
  File "/usr/share/exe/nevow/compyCompat.py", line 34, in namedAny                               
    return _namedAny(name)                                                                       
  File "/usr/share/exe/twisted/python/reflect.py", line 352, in namedAny                         
    topLevelPackage = __import__(trialname)                                                      
  File "/usr/share/exe/formless/__init__.py", line 10, in <module>                               
    from formless.processors import process                                                      
  File "/usr/share/exe/formless/processors.py", line 13, in <module>                             
    from nevow.context import WovenContext                                                       
  File "/usr/share/exe/nevow/context.py", line 37                                                
    def with(self, tag):                                                                         
SyntaxError: invalid syntax 

Rpm from opensuse-education repo doesn' install, too:

nothing provides libc.so.6()(64bit)

#822 Proxy Problems and questions Engine 0.23 defect 2007-05-22

When using version 0.23.0 the portable one, I am stuggling to gain acces to the internet through a proxy server.

Is there something I can do or set to remedy the problem.

This happens when I try to access an external site from the program

#951 issue with Exe and Windows Sharepoint systems SCORM export defect 2007-07-20

I have been using Exe but have hit an issue when using Sharepoint. This was the report from the testing done by the support team.

Just had a look at the two SCORM courses you requested. It looks as though they both have the same issues, these are;

  1. Neither records the scores properly, either when the SCORM is active

or submitted, I could only get it to display 1% or 0%.

  1. If the question on the course is answered a pop-up appears saying

your score is 100% (If you answered correctly). The page does not change to show the next page in the course or in this case the "Submit" page, leaving the "Submit answer" button still available. If the "Submit answer" button is then selected again an error message will be shown, this error message is shown a number of times until another pop-up appears saying your score is now 200%. You can continue to do this any number of times and the score will continue to increase. Also after this high score has been submitted, the displayed outcome score on the SCORM selection screen is still only 1%.

I know this is v0.95 but I would guess the same is true of 0.97 but I do need to check.

I have attached some screen shots from the report for interest.

Thanks - in hope!

#1009 Missing icons after Moodle 1.8 import SCORM export 1.0 defect 2007-08-16

In a forum message October Smith reports:

Hello! I am a newbie to both exe (.98) and Moodle (1.8). We have set up a Moodle site for our school district and are using exe to create the content. The problem we have is when the IMS content package is uploaded and deployed in Moodle, all of the pictures are missing. There is simply a red x with the label idevice icon. When I right click and look at the properties, the link for the pictures is directed to the root folder (which is not where the .gifs are--they are in the unzipped file in the course).

#1082 iDevice selection not possible if none ascii chars in name Engine defect 2007-10-18

In the iDevice editor not possible to select iDevice that contains none ascii characters in its name (in the edit combo).

#1195 Common Cartridge (and SCORM/IMS CP) packages contain unreferenced files Engine defect 2008-04-24

eXe exports many files it might need (including things like all the iDevice icons, regardless of use). These extraneous files are not referenced in the manifest.

#1221 export to html page is not really xhtml Engine defect 2008-05-23

I've started looking exe product and it seems to be really good tool a quite easy usage autoring tool. Just some remarks about exportation to a simple html page : XHTML is not really OK

  • the use of id instead of class (nodeDecoration,nodeTitle)
  • use of embed inside object
  • no alt= for img

#1320 File Link not displayed on LMS SCORM export task 2009-02-23

SCORM Content created using iDevice Preknowledge containing File Link not displayed on LMS, whereas in the preview in eXe it is properly displayed. Kindly clarify the same.

#196 FTP of eXe gen content Web Site Export defect 2005-11-08

user should be able to enter the address of an FTP site, username and password in prefs(?) and publish Web Site content straight to a server.

#265 Can't have >1 SCORM Quiz per page User Interface post eXe 1.0 defect 2006-02-10

The Javascript can't tell the difference.

#579 Support for >2 letter language codes for translations Translations 0.96 defect 2006-11-24

Sorry,I don't find the way to send it to you:

Dear collegues: We saw your Spanish translation about eXe-Tutorial and we think maybe you need a little help with our language. We did a translation about your exe-tutorial into Spanish. We send you the SCORM and the site published at:


We hope it will be useful for you. Congratulations for your project.

Francisco Sanguino Departamento de Sistemas y Lenguajes Informáticos Universidad de Alicante Spain

#701 Geogebra failed load in LMS and error in Reload iDevices defect 2007-02-24

I built a Geogebra LO and discovered that it fails to load the file with the error 'error opening file failed' - if I click OK then applet loads OK but without the data. tested the zip file in reload with the following error: 'Problem validating manifest (file:C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Dave%20Thomson/reload/reload-scorm-player/server/webapps/reload-scorm-player/course-packages/21test/imscp_rootv1p1p2.xsd: 57, 53): src-resolve: Cannot resolve the name 'xml:base' to a(n) 'attribute declaration' component. (file:C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Dave%20Thomson/reload/reload-scorm-player/server/webapps/reload-scorm-player/course-packages/21test/imscp_rootv1p1p2.xsd: 57, 53): s4s-elt-must-match.1: The content of 'attr.base' must match (annotation?, ((attribute | attributeGroup)*, anyAttribute?)). A problem was found starting at: attribute. (file:C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Dave%20Thomson/reload/reload-scorm-player/server/webapps/reload-scorm-player/course-packages/21test/imscp_rootv1p1p2.xsd: 243, 38): s4s-elt-invalid-content.1: The content of 'manifestType' is invalid. Element 'attribute' is invalid, misplaced, or occurs too often.'

seems to be trying to locate the file on drive C:

Regards DT

#738 reïnstallation failes Install 1.03 defect 2007-03-15

I installed EXE on drive D. Exe worked.I decided to change the directory and removed EXE with configuration/software in windows XP. Then I reïnstalled EXE on drive C (default; all options again). However, after the installation a click on the Exe-icon has no effect at all. I repeated the uninstall procedure with the "uninstall"- option as well, but installation thereafter has the same result: Exe doesn't start.

But yes, it would be nice if the paths were not hard coded in the configuration file.

#949 Most recent project is second in Recent Projects User Interface 1.04 defect 2007-07-20

Is there an off-by-one error in how recent projects are added to the list? The most recent package I open always seems to show up in the second spot in the list.

#961 Interface not fully localizable Translations defect 2007-07-23

There're still messages in English only: when quitting (yes, the famous "Please use eXe's File...Quit menu to close eXe."), when saving (but export message could be localized!) or tool tips on outline editor icons (for moving nodes etc).

#978 Can not run exe Install 0.97 defect 2007-07-27

I installed exe PG, once is ok, but the second is not ok. Please tell me should be run it again. (I unstalled it and reinstall but haven't run ok yet).

#1015 exe.conf file does not handle leading BOM bytes Engine defect 2007-08-21

When an exe.conf containing Unicode (e.g., in the dataDir, configDir, or recent projects) is edited (e.g., via NotePad? in Windows), it can end up with the three leading bytes of EF BB BF as the Byte Order Mark (BOM) to indicate that it contains Unicode. This will prevent eXe from starting up.

In NotePad?, doing a Save As with Encoding = ANSI seems to avoid these BOM bytes. Alternately, a workaround is to put a comment on the first line, something such as:

"# this first line comment is so that my exe.conf still loads"

#1019 export Ipod Engine defect 2007-08-21


When I want to export inot Ipod Notation, i have the error message like you can see on my file attach. Thank's

#1036 Exe fails to start for more than one user Engine 1.05 defect 2007-09-12

Ubuntu dapper with ltsp (Linux Terminal Server Project).

exe 1.01 using the supplied .debs.

First user on a terminal server can start exe, any further users starting exe find it will not start for them because of the file /tmp/tmpExeStartupTime that was created by the first instance and chowned.

#1039 internationalization (i18n) problems SCORM export defect 2007-09-19

The html code produced by eXe (SCORM export to an LMS, e.g. Moodle) it is not fully internationalized.

OK - the text produced in the iDevices' text part (iDevice_inner) the accented letters and other (Portuguese) special letters are converted in the correct html sequences, e.g. "ç" is converted in "&ccedil;.

Not OK - the text the in iDevices' titles (iDeviceTitle) is not converted, an "ç" stays an "ç". Because of that it is only correctly rendered in some settings (the same encoding in the server and client machine). The same thing happens in the "nodeTitle".

==========an example=============================

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-W3CDTD XHTML 1.0 TransitionalEN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"> <head> <title>eXe</title> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" /> <style type="text/css"> @import url(base.css); @import url(content.css); </style> <script type="text/javascript" src="APIWrapper.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="SCOFunctions.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="common.js"></script> </head> <body onload="loadPage()" onunload="unloadPage()"><div id="outer">

<div id="main"> <div id="nodeDecoration"> <p id="nodeTitle"> Circunferência</p></div> <div class="iDevice emphasis1"> <img alt="Ícone iDevice" class="iDevice_icon" src="icon_casestudy.gif"/> <span class="iDeviceTitle">Definição de Circunferência</span> <div class="iDevice_inner"> <div id="ta4_39" class="block" style="display:block"><div align="justify">

<font size="3">-Um c&iacute;rculo &eacute; uma figura plana delimitada por uma &uacute;nica linha chamada <b>circunfer&ecirc;ncia </b>relativamente &agrave; qual existe um ponto do c&iacute;rculo tal se as rectas que passam por esse ponto determinam na circunfer&ecirc;ncia as extremidades de segmentos iguais.</font>









<font size="3">Precisa do comando &quot;point&quot;, &quot;cmark_t&quot; , &quot;circle&quot; e &quot;drawcircle&quot;.<br />


<br />


<font size="3"></font>

<div id="viewq0b3" style="display: block">

<br />


</div><div id="taquesQuestion0b4" class="block" style="display:block"><font size="3">Utilize a linguagem GCLC para definir uma circunfer&ecirc;ncia.</font>

</div><div id="viewq0b4" style="display:block;"><input type="button" name="btnshowq0b4" value="Mostrar/Esconder? Resposta" class="feedbackbutton" onclick="showAnswer('q0b4',1)"/> </div><div id="hideq0b4" style="display:none;"><input type="button" name="btnhideq0b4" value="Mostrar/Esconder? Resposta" class="feedbackbutton" onclick="showAnswer('q0b4',0)"/> <p></p></div><div id="sq0b4" class="feedback" style=" display: none;"><div id="taquesFeedback0b4" class="block" style="display:block"><img src="Circunferencia.png" height="180" width="180" />

<br />

point O 40 40<br />

point A 20 20<br />

<br />

circle o O A<br />

<br />

cmark_t A<br />

cmark_t O<br />

<br />

drawcircle o

</div></div><br/> </div> </div> <div class="iDevice emphasis0"> <iframe src="http://hilbert.mat.uc.pt/GeoGCLC/Interaction/insertCodeMoodle.php?nivel=1"width="100%" height="500px"></iframe> </div> </div> </div> </body></html>

==============end of example=============================

#1079 Wiki Article Error Engine defect 2007-10-17

I get this error <type 'exceptions.EOFError'>: EOF when reading a line...... when trying to use the wiki article... Please can you help?

#1086 installation directory Install defect 2007-10-22

If installation directory = something like this :


--> It doesn't work. Like this :


--> It's ok

#1098 Image Gallery Malfunction Engine defect 2007-11-01

The image gallery always defaults to the last image loaded, and doesn't allow scrolling through the images

#1099 Problem inserting Imagen Magnifier Engine 1.02 defect 2007-11-02

I am user of eXelearning since v.0.12

Is very powerfull tool for me.

My problem now is when I try to insert Imagen Magnifier. The insertion is posible, and we can see it.

But when we Click in the Checkmark as Done, is imposible to see the Image. Only we see a litle rectangle.

We note the Yellow Line that notify us that we need to install the PLUGIN program. The eXeLearning cant found this Pluing when ara Clicking. Where do I can find this Pluging? Please Help me ...

In the Ready to Run version this problem persist.

Thank you very much. Jorge Gil

#1100 Using "greek" characters SCORM export defect 2007-11-06

I've just written my first pages with eXe, great except that the "greek" characters are dispalyed as a series of AAAAA's.

Is it my fault or is there something wrong?


#1106 eXe does not launch Install 0.99 defect 2007-11-16

I had eXe 0.99 which worked well upto today. It did not launch anymore. I uninstalled eXe 0.99 and downloaded and installed eXe 1.02 instead, but the program still doesn't start.

On the Processes tab of the Windows Task Manager, exe.exe appears for a short time, but immediately disappears afterwards.


Stijn Bousard

#1113 Translation problem Translations defect 2007-12-10

I'm working on a translation into Norwegian (nb). I've encountered two problems: 1 My translation tool - Po Edit - doesn't find the UI term Next(navigation) and Preferences(menu item) 2 I can't find a way to publish my work on the eXe web.

#1119 errors occurred Install defect 2007-12-15

I unninstall and manually delete all files in computer connected with exe, then run install exe 1.02, I get message, installitaion completed succesfully, then I click icon and again exe didnt lounch and got message error occurred, please read exe.exe.log ...

#1130 eXe and ATutor Engine defect 2008-01-20

I get some unexpected characters and when I try to edit in ATutor 1.5 the editor doesn't work. I can type into it but bolding, italics, etc doesn't work.

#1137 Parse error - SCORM export SCORM export defect 2008-01-28

Exelearning generates an error in Docebo LMS SCORM loading a file:

Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING in .... on line 1.

It solves commenting on the first line of html file initial, but it is a nuisance.

#1150 When I send the activity to the platform it does not appear complete, the icons which accompany the style that I chose, do not come along whith the other parts of the file. SCORM export defect 2008-02-13

I have tried many times to send the file to the platform, in order to see if changing something in the process of editing I could, finally, send the icons which accompany the design that I had chosen; but unsuccessfully, because until now, I can not seem to do the right thing, as the activity still appears in Moodle without them. I would like to know if you could help me to send all the items included in the activity together. Thank you very much! Susana Echeverria

#1156 Bug with ikewiki wikipage extraction Engine defect 2008-02-19

I've tried to use eXeLearning with our project internal wiki (based on IkeWiki?): http://wiki.mosep.org/Mosep/ the same way I'm using it with our content available on Wikieducator: http://www.wikieducator.org/MOSEP but eXeLearning (v1.03) crash with IkeWiki? content. Any ideas to solve this issue ? Could we change something on IkeWiki? ?

#1162 cloze as SCORM in Moodle: score shown to student but not recorded by LMS SCORM export post eXe 1.0 defect 2008-02-21
  1. I created a cloze activity (Instant marking off)
  1. Saved, then exported to SCORM
  1. Uploaded to Moodle and added as SCORM activity. (Everything default except for "New Window")
  2. Tested it. Everything seemed to work fine. I saw how many right/wrong.
  1. Looked for my score.
    • Got initial Score of 1 for completing the activity
    • But after clicking on the attempt, in order to see how many right/wrong, the report shows nothing in Score.
  2. Tried "Track Details" but still no score info.

So I'll know if a student does the exercise, but no clue how well they did.

#1172 WikiArticle "other wiki" escapes article title Engine 1.04 defect 2008-03-07

If you select other as the source of a wiki article, eXe always:

  • escapes the Article title
  • adds a '/' at the end of own site if there isn't one

This means you can't access URLs like http://wikieducator.org/index.php?title=Main_Page because either the ? and = get escaped or a '/' gets tacked on the end.

Reported by SamRose in IRC

#1176 error in multiple selection tests User Interface defect 2008-03-18

Hi, i made 2 tests of about 20 answers in a multiple selection test. 3 strange errors always occured (and stayed).

Firstly, at one point, it didn't matter what answers i added. after saving, the last answers were always copies of the first answers subsequently.

Secondly, the 3rd answer was always a copy of the 2nd answer - whatever input i wrote.

Another problem was that the test answers of question 11 and 12 didn't work. meaning that the checkmarks in the editor windows were ok and the test answers too, but the feedback was that the answer is wrong.

In any case the program had big trouble with too many answers in multiple selection tests - e.g. it mixed up answers, i couldn't change the text and so on.

looks like some bugs with references?

I also have a problem with exporting my exe-files to html. the text includes german letters that look quite strange in html.

cheers and thanks for your work!

#1188 tmpExeStartupTime not being properly cleaned up Engine defect 2008-04-10

/tmp/tmpExeStartupTime is not being properly cleaned up when eXe shuts down. This prevents another user from starting eXe, even though there is currently no running instance.

#1191 Moodle compatibility SCORM export defect 2008-04-11

Hi samples developed in eXe are somehow giving me lot of erors."API" Even the http://demo.moodle.org/ functionality with eXe sample shows same errors.

I am pretty new , could you pls help and email me a solution at my email id [email protected]

#1201 HOW TO QUIT EXE? User Interface defect 2008-04-27





#1210 eXe not launching Install defect 2008-05-06

My eXe is not launching. This is my first time using the product.

eXe log file Traceback (most recent call last): File "exe", line 49, in <module> File "exe", line 46, in main File "exe\application.pyc", line 103, in main UnicodeDecodeError? 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xb1 in position 12: ordinal not in range(128)

#1213 eXe quits without asking to save the project when viewing an image and closing the window User Interface defect 2008-05-11

After editing for few hours a project, still to be saved, I right-clicked on an image and chose to view it. I was presented with the image enlarged in a white window without any aparent way to go back to the project. When I closed the window, the program closed as well, without asking to save the project, so I lost all the work done. I reproduced the problem and saw that the only way to go back is right-clicking on the window (not the image as I was initially doing)and choose back. What I want to point out here is a missing dialog asking to save the project before closing the program.

#1220 website insert problem Engine defect 2008-05-22

if i insert a website and i click on the website it is not embedded in exe but fils the screen,

gr. ger

#1224 eXe taking ages to load elp Engine defect 2008-05-28

In a thread on EduForge, Jean Paul Billerot reports:

Hello there! I've got some 4 Mb file that takes ages to load. As far as I understand, I have to "quit" eXe so that the interface reacts and the file eventually loads. I looked at the log files and there was an ERROR message, something about a character being out of ascii range. Unfortunately, the behaviour remains but I cannot have the ERROR message again in the logs. Any hint?

#1236 export - import - "Wrong file format" Engine 1.04 defect 2008-06-17

After exporting a part of an .elp file, during import 1.04 says: "Wrong file format". The source elp was made by 1.03, the target by 1.04.

What to do?

#1240 (Firefox 3) Unable to launch exe xhtml editor Engine defect 2008-06-24

I have recently installed the updated Firefox (version 3) - and now I can no longer launch the exe xhtml editor. It is a bit of a nuisance as I was in the middle of creating a resource.

Do I have to un-install Firefox 3?

I have tried re-installing exe - but hasn't worked.

Any known problems with Firefox upgrade?

#1248 spanish characters exported to IMS SCORM export defect 2008-07-09

When I exported an elp file to IMS format to publish in a moodle course, the á, é,..ú, it appears with another characters. What can I we do, for solving this trouble? Thanks Emilio Tamblay

#1253 I can not reorder and space my number list User Interface defect 2008-07-24

I can not reorder and space my number list

#1262 How to remove the scorm Type and adl to run in Blackboard platform SCORM export defect 2008-08-14

I have tried to import the eXe to Blackboard. The display shows only one page. No navigation pane appear on the left side of the display. I found out that I need to remove the scormType and adl in one of the eXe site. But I don't know which line to remove. I think eXe has potential to use in eLearning courseware. Can anyone help. Thanks.

#1264 Print Window doesn't appear Styles 1.04 defect 2008-08-25

At some point during the development of this package the print window no longer appears and I am unable to print a copy of this package.

#1265 linking word documents and files User Interface defect 2008-09-05

I am unable to make a link to a word document in exe. After the link is opened it says' unable to find URL address'.

#1272 Moodle and SCORM 1,2 SCORM export defect 2008-10-01

Lastest Moodle and exe files don't work together for exe sending scores to Moodle - get an error (after score feedback) Not initialized then a second dialog box LMSGetValue(cmi.core.lesson_location) failed Not initialized

Any ideas?

#1287 wikipedia in italian Engine defect 2008-11-10

The iDevice wikibooks do not work when you choice wikipedia in italian, the language is not correct.

#1299 Problems with options when doing more than 1 question at a time. iDevices defect 2008-12-13

When I add a multiple choice question with 4 options, things are great. But if I click on the add another question option at the bottom, and add a new question with 4 more options, suddenly, the options are intermixed between the 2 questions. Perhaps I have an older build but I only downloaded this two weeks ago.

No worries. I can do the questions individually.

  • Bill

#1322 EXE doesn't launch (MACOS 10.5.6/Firefox 3.0.6 coz can't find User Interface defect 2009-02-24

EXE doesn't launch (MACOS 10.5.6/Firefox 3.0.6 coz can't find

#1331 Getting Wrong File Format when attempting to open a package. Engine defect 2009-04-13

When I attempt to open a package which opened fine yesterday, I encounter an error stating Wrong File Format - and it will not open.

#1338 eXe does not open after installation. An AVG window opens instead. Install 1.04 defect 2009-05-01

eXe does not open after installation. An AVG window opens instead. I can see the .elp files displayed in the eXe format, but I cannot open the files. Neither can I open the eXe application.

#6490 Problems with font formating when exporting a scorm package for moodle in Engine 1.04 defect 2011-04-08

Hi, First I export the exe package to IMS (portuguese) and then when I import this package to Moodle (portuguese with PHP 5.2.6) appears with type formating problems.

Can anyone help me please. Thanks in advance.


#496 Wiki iDevice and proxy settings Engine 0.21 enhancement 2006-10-05

the wiki iDevice won't work if the user is behind a proxy. We could try to get the proxy settings from the default windows settings, or allow the user to add the proxy manually to their version of eXe.

#673 Make exe file format IMS compliant Engine post eXe 1.0 enhancement 2007-02-13

Make exe file format actually be a SCORM package, with a manifest and everything. The package data could perhaps be stored in a simple XML file inside of the SCORM package.

Supersedes: #354, #566 & #624

Could perhaps use some of the XML export code from [1228]

Need to check if this is allowed in the IMS or SCORM specs

#910 folder structure when exporting to webpage Web Site Export enhancement 2007-07-10

I think, it would be better, if exporting to webpage keeps the original (author's)folder structure and makes a simple copy about it, instead of restructuring and selecting - like now. This latter method causes problem among original references when using doc-s, pdf-s, html-s etc. as curriculum holders.

#1231 Proxy-Settings? Install enhancement 2008-06-12


Is it possible to setup valid proxy-settings? The problem is, I'm sitting behind a proxy firewall and because that I'm not able to access rss-feeds and wiki-texts.


P.S. I'm using the ready-to-run version

#1301 Add Font iDevices enhancement 2008-12-19

We offer online Punjabi courses (at a high school and Adult level) and have been creating content using Dreamweaver but want to move to eXe. In Dreamweaver, there is an Akhar (Punjabi) font available. Is that something that could be added to the eXe font family selection? (Amrilip is also a suitable Punjabi font).

#6455 Changing media players iDevices enhancement 2011-03-02

Is there a way to change the flv player? I would like to use jsplayer or flowplayer

#560 iDevice hide/show Engine 0.24 task 2006-11-10

add the ability to hide/show iDevices in the authoring list

#1035 PDF output Styles 0.99 task 2007-09-12

Dear Remo and Jim,

Is there already a solution for two problems when we want to print a PDF out of eXe? 1 The Style doesn't appear in the PDF 2 Exe gives a PDF as output, but doesn't make good page breaks

Greetings, Klaas Wever

#1217 Unable to embed a video Engine task 2008-05-22

Hello there!

Thanks for offering a great tool. I have a problem, I need to embed a video, havent been successful. I converted the mp4 to flv, even included the flow player in the folder, but to of no avail. Please tell me what format of the video would be the best to embed, and some tips to go about it.

I am a columnist with 'Deccan Herald,' a leading newsdaily published from Bangalore, India. I host a weekly column on freeware and also review products. I would be very happy to write about your tool. Could you help me with some details like number of downloads, the versatile nature of the tool, about your organisation, etc.

Best wishes

Soundar Rajan Mysore, India

#676 following link in imported wiki article preview is confusing User Interface defect 2007-02-13

If you import a Wikipedia article, click on the green check mark to preview it, and then make the mistake of clicking on a link within the imported article the selected link loads within the eXe editing pane.

On Windows, you can recover by using the Refresh menu. File... Quit does not work until you return to eXe by refreshing. Surprisingly, File... Save does allow you to save your package (and also refreshes, so you return to preview mode of the original page).

On OS X, the Refresh menu does not allow you to recover. File... Save does work, and ends up refreshing the display so you return to the preview mode.

Should we protect the user from browsing within eXe? Perhaps the links should be modified while in preview mode to open the link on the user's preferred browser instead of within the eXe Firefox. Or perhaps they should be disabled in the preview mode.

#704 strings in metadata page Translations defect 2007-02-26

Strings in the metadata not completely tranfered into po files

#781 In Image Gallery : Allow many images to be loaded at once. iDevices post eXe 1.0 defect 2007-04-14

It is a pain in the image gallery to have to load images one by one. I have many to load and this is very tiresome. I know it is tempting not to provide text for many images but it is much easier if a complete gallery could be loaded e.g. from a zip file and then have annotations added later.

#1207 Must use File... Quit to quit eXe Engine post eXe 1.0 defect 2008-05-01

If you dont close the app using the quit option, you cannot reopen the eXe app without restarting on xp. Firefox is the version I am running for all other web browsing.

#1330 Troubleshoot with firefox update to 3.0.8 Engine defect 2009-03-29

Exelearning keep showing the need to restart the software to update

#6480 Problems with Firefox 4 in Linux Engine 1.04 defect 2011-03-25


I try to use eXe with Firefox 4, or Iceweasel 4, under Linux Debian testing amd64. The first problem is the compatibility with Firefox 4, but I've edited *.rdf files for change maxVersion and I've avoided the version error. Although the problem now is I only can see a white window.


#6491 Verify email address eXe Web Site defect 2011-04-12

Dear eXe

I am having difficulty confirming my email address due to the email link not showing where I need to confirm my email adress.



#645 remove requirement to have config file Engine enhancement 2007-02-02

It would be nice to remove the dependency on a single external config file so that you could run multiple versions of eXe without changing the config to point into each one.

Perhaps eXe could find the resources it needed within the directory it is run out of.

#767 True-False: vary feedback on correct/incorrect answer iDevices enhancement 2007-04-04

Uwe Wennmann suggests having different feedback lines for when the True/False? question is answered correctly/incorrectly. At present you only get Correct''' or Incorrect''' followed by the user entered feedback. I believe he is suggesting that there be separate user entered feedback for each of the answers.


#829 Not a Bug; what I really like about exe iDevices enhancement 2007-05-25

I love the way it integrates with moodle.

If there was a way to create iDevices which could store values inside Moodle database and retrieve them you would have an application dev environment without having to learn Moodle.

We would like to develop an online diary system for teachers,pupils and their parents to access. Tim Fraser

#962 Useless and misleading context menu? User Interface task 2007-07-23

There's a misleading right-click Firefox context menu - it can't be localized and I can't understand its purpose... What about an own context menu, i.e. for moving iDevices up and down? Just an idea...

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