• 0.9 release planned for Mid March not on track. Release possibly a month or more away.
  • Is XML or IMS file format 1.0 or 1.1?
  • Red X problem - JT working on it 1.0
  • Embed media to push to 1.1? RW to investigate TinyMCE to sort embedded media iDevices.
  • Extra iDevices, BS/JL to investigate issues with gallery idevice
  • Donate button on eXe site
  • Release schedule - release of known bugs. Need to pick up all user interface requirements.
  • File>Preferences or Edit>Preferences option - XUL dialogue? JL
  • CITE website Need to start working on some quality content for this site Need to register with govt tender site so we can be notified of work in our field Cite funds - where does the money come to. People page projects for money Need to produce some proposals Support and training role - designing workshops, short course type sessions More ongoing development work

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