eXe use case: Workflow and "objective" ontologies

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This use case is evolving from ideas that have emerged from discussions between Marielle Lange and Wayne Mackintosh in the eXe discussion forum on iDevices. Worth reading if you want to contribute to this use case.

Brainstorm patch for eXe & objective ontologies? - a place for generating ideas before tackling a draft paragraph for this use case.



Start with Version 0.1 For minor revisions, change version number as follows: 0.1.1; 0.1.2 etc. For major revisions, change version number as follows: 0.2; 0.3 etc.

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Author, country and date

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Authors list their names, country and date here.


Summary statement

A short phrase or sentence that can be displayed in a spreadsheet cell, with additional columns for priority, date etc.

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Scenario summary

A short story, usually written from the perspective of the user. Best to avoid technical concepts and predetermined technical solutions.

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List the conditions that must be "true" for the use case.

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State the conditions that give rise to the use case.

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Basic course of events

List the events or actions in sequence from the user perspective.

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Post conditions

If appropriate, list the state of affairs after the course of events has been completed.

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Create a heading for notes and comments to be added by the community.

  • We must find intuitive ways for users to select and view ontologies. Click on example under demo on this French site.
  • Will LSM (Latent Semantic Analysis) help? See this article for a brief introduction.
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