Ambassadors for eXeLearning is a concept idea to assist and support the growing community of eXe users. The purpose of this page is to explore ideas and resources that can support ambassadors for eXeLearning.

What is an ambassador for eXeLearning?

An ambassador for eXeLearning is a self-appointed individual who takes on a leadership role to promote and coordinate activites relating to the eXe project at their own institution or community. Amassadors are people who have a passion to improve the quality of e-learning and become nodes in the growing network of the eXe community.

What does an ambassador for eXeLearning do?

List your ideas for things that ambassadors for eXeLearning can do:

  • Identify yourself as an ambassador for eXeLearning by listing your name and institutional affiliation and country on the list below
  • Provide one-on-one demonstrations of the eXe software to new users
  • Distribute information about the eXe project at local institutions and communities
  • Organise workshops and presentations on eXe (support materials will be developed and made available for ambassadors to use)
  • Collect information on new feature requests and suggestions for improvement and submit these through the various channels set up for this purpose (for example: online survey form, issue tracker, discussion forums and requests for new iDevices)
  • Encourage the development of open content supporting the professional development of e-learning practitioners
  • Share experiences and ideas on how to promote the ambassodors for eXeLearning concept
  • Promote and carry out research on the use of eXe
  • ....

What resources are needed to support ambassadors?

You're invited to add to the list of resources that will assist and support ambassadors for eXeLearning with their tasks (in due course we will make resources available that will make life easier for ambassadors):

  • Downloadable fliers that can be printed and distributed locally at workshops and conference presentations
  • A collection of slideshow presentations that can be downloaded, adapted and used for local presentations
  • A collection of suggested workshop outlines/programmes that be used locally
  • Setting up a dedicated discussion forum;
  • A working manual for users
  • Project Outlines for distribution/ delegation to exe workshop participants

List of ambassadors for eXeLearning

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