I'm a developer, information architect, interaction/interface designer, organizer, thinker, hacker, writer for the eXe project. I've been with it since day -100 having helped conceive of the idea and make the original grant proposal.

I can be reached at: brent 'at'

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eXe and Sakai

University of California, Davis In addition to deploying Sakai as the LMS for The School of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine (and exploring the use of it campus wide), the programmers at UC Davis are developing a SCORM player tool for Sakai.

An effort is underway to integrate the SCORM runtime and delivery engine developed by ADL to the Sakai environment. This project is being led by developers at the University of California at Davis, who have substantial experience with SCORM tools and data development. Once completed, this tool will be fully SCORM compliant.

-- BrentSimpson 2005-06-24T00:44:10Z contacted guy from UC Davis.

Additionally, if you are interested in SCORM support, contact Dirk Herr-Hoyman of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, at [email protected]… . Dirk is the leader of the Content and Authoring Discussion Group worksite on the Sakai site at:

Melete 2.0

See this:

Melete 2.0 is a Sakai tool that runs with Sakai 2.0. Melete is a lesson builder that allows instructors to publish learning sequences that can be created by using a built-in rich text editor, uploading learning objects, or pointing to existing URL resources. Instructors can design content that supports instructor facilitated learning or system managed self-study. Lessons can be released automatically by the system based on start and stop dates. Melete supports IMS Content Packaging. Future features include release of lesson sequences to students based on completion of prerequisites and performance on assessments, and various access levels.

-- BrentSimpson 2005-06-24T00:44:10Z

Trips/Conferences? related to eXe development/promotion


05/04/05 - /EduCause? 2005, Auckland.

26/02/05 - Report on our trip to Melbourne for the IDEA-Lab is available here.

10/02/05 - At the IDEA-lab; see IdealabNotes

3/02/05 - A report on my trip to the University of British Columbia is now available at Eduforge

1/28/05 - David and myself will be attending the IDEA-lab on on 10 and 11 February. This 2 day technical event, targeted at the developers of systems, will provide the opportunity for participants to undertake interoperability testing, using their own content and systems.

1/09/05 - Back from Vancouver trip to UBC. It snowed the 2 days I was there, which was awesome! Apparently it only snows once a year in downtown Vancouver, and well .. it happened to be the days I was there. Tim Wang, who visited us at the CFDL last year, was kind enough to show me around and we had shared some great conversation about elearning tools, eXe, etc. Tim is the author of some fantastic tools that are soon to be Open Sourced: . I also met with Michelle Lamberson, the director of the Office of Learning Technology. The OLT supports the UBC community in new and improved ways of learning and teaching through the use of technology. They strongly support the use of blogs, wikis and are investigating ePortfolios for staff and students. I would have liked to have met Brian Lamb while I was there but unfortunately he was out; he runs a great blog called Abject Learning ... see his recent post on Podcasting, which is my new obsession.

1/05/05 - Visited my old boss at the UCLA Psychology Dept; she sits on the UCLA CMS Consortium which is currently quite focused on Sakai for use at UCLA. I also had a great discussion with Mike Franks a developer from Social Sciences Computing; Mike developed Classweb one of the earliest open source LMS type systems out there. They were interested in the eXe project so we agreed to keep in closer contact. Mike will also try to put me in touch with some Sakai people who might be interested in eXe, etc. Leaving for University of British Columbia tomorrow.


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