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Building a nightly release is simply a matter of following the BuildingFromSource steps. Once you have a complete build environment, that basically just means: {{{ svn up cd installs/xxx python }}} (where xxx is either windows or osx)

On the Mac, if you provide a -p option to, it will also build the dmg file for you.

Nightlies should be uploaded via scp or sftp to


The release build process is the same. Update exe/engine/ to show the new release number, then build. Rename the Windows *.exe files and Mac *.dmg file to remove the subversion release code. Upload them to directory using sftp, and release them with the web interface. (By convention, we edit / rename existing releases rather than adding new ones. I have been keeping one old version around, so after each release I delete the version that is now 2 versions old.)

After the release build, make a release branch: {{{ svn copy }}} Update the release number to N.nn.1 so that it will be obvious that the nightlies are post-N.nn.

Supporting Software

Nightly builds and official releases are currently built with: {{{Python 2.5.1 (binaries from PIL 1.1.5 Zope Interface 3.3.0 py2app 0.3.6 py2exe 0.6.6 }}}

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