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As an Open Source development, the eXe project has benefitted from the extensive skill and know-how of the global developer community and this is one of the constant forces driving the development of new eXe features.

eXe Users have also had significant influence over the direction the development has taken. Releasing early and frequently has allowed users to see the utilisation potential in their particular fields and advise accordingly.

Open source has given us the ability to make eXe available to many educators not just those who are in a position to be able to pay for software; and has allowed the software to be widely distributed, providing we hope an advantage to those communities or areas that might be poorly resourced e.g. limited access to computers or the internet.

Feedback from both these communities has greatly advanced this development. We are keen that these relationships are well maintained now and into the future and encourage you to contact us with your thoughts, ideas and criticisms so that we can continue to improve the functionality of eXe in its ongoing development.

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