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Competence Definition


Start with Version 0.1 For minor revisions, change version number as follows: 0.1.1; 0.1.2 etc. For major revisions, change version number as follows: 0.2; 0.3 etc.

Author, country and date

Claude Martin (France, July 2005) in collaboration with Enrico Gallo, Andrea Giardina and Davide Corio (Italy)

Summary statement

A short phrase or sentence that can be displayed in a spreadsheet cell, with additional columns for priority, date etc.

Scenario summary

After analyzing the needs for a training programme the trainer/professor/instructional-designer inputs information in a form to build a taxonomy of competences: area>sub-areas>units>elements. At the end of the process s/he will have defined specific information and data for each competence. This information and data will be available to author structured Units of Learning based on competences within eXe.


List the conditions that must be "true" for the use case.


State the conditions that give rise to the use case.

Basic course of events

List the events or actions in sequence from the user perspective.

Post conditions

If appropriate, list the state of affairs after the course of events has been completed.


Ideas for competency definition?

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