Configuration settings is primarily through the exe.conf file.


Path to exe.conf determined from...

  • system config location
    • On Linux: /etc/exe.conf
    • On Windows: <Program Files>/exe/exe.conf

Directory to save packages is...

  • Default
    • On Windows: <My Documents>
    • On Linux: $HOME
  • Fall back to tempfile.gettempdir() if not available

Directory to load web files from...

  • On Linux: /usr/share/exe
  • On Windows: <My Documents>/exe

Directory to load iDevice plugins

  • On Linux: $HOME/.exe/plugins
  • On Windows:
variable description Windows default Linux default Mac default
dataDir where packages are saved toMy Documents\eXe
fall back to tempdir
shareDir static files for eXeProgram Files\eXe/usr/share/eXe
configPath location of exe.conf$EXECONF
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