iDevices are distinct instructional elements.

Sometimes we want a container to group multiple related iDevices together. examples

  • A [:ObjectiveItem: quiz] made up of a set of questions
  • A bibliography of a set of reading activities
  • A section of a course
  • A page of content

We already have a class for this - the node class, so the plan is to specialize different types of nodes for different containers.

User Interface

A container may be shown to the user in two ways

  1. by some border/highlighting around the idevices on the authoring page, and controls which just apply to the container
  2. as a sub-tree in the outline pane (how to distinquish the types of nodes? icons?)


Containers can simply inherit from Node base class.


At the moment when we export, each node is turned into a new page. With Containers greater discrimination will be required. Do we need a equivalent of Block for Nodes???

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