Flat files


Currently we use the Python pickle library which is very simple (one line of code to save everything), but very brittle (any change to the object model breaks backwards compatibility).

Better Pickle: Could use _getstate_() and _setstate_() to handle changes in the object model.

Twisted Versioned

Isn't actually a format, but a useful module for handling version upgrades

Twisted Jelly

S-expression-based persistence of python objects. jelly's main goals are security, human readability, and portability to other environments.

Twisted Jelly renders to a list, so how to save to a disk? A: need banana.

XML formats

Gnosis XML-Pickle

Twisted Marmalade

I can serialize a Python object to an XML DOM tree (twisted.web.microdom), and therefore to XML data, similarly to twisted.spread.jelly. Because both Python lists and DOM trees are tree data-structures, many of the idioms used here are identical.

Can't cope with booleans. Fixed in Twisted 2.0 version of Twisted, but Marmalade is marked as depreciated there :( ... can't win!


XIST is a "Python version of XSLT"



Apparantly cool, but not well supported by Python?

Lightweight databases



Berkeley DB

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