eXe Feature Wishlist

This wishlist is generated from forum posts and the 0.14 Online evaluation form.

At the end of eXe 1, the list will be converted into a survey form for users to rate items on the feature wishlist, so we can determine priorities for the roadmap.

  • Ability to import iDevices created by other users
  • Internal links, that is linking to another page in the same package
  • When exporting as a web-site or IMS/SCORM package, automatically saving the eXe source file (.elp) - Currenlty an eXe .elp file is only saved if the user saves the package before export.
  • Drag-and-Drop quiz iDevice
  • The ability to export a print version of the eXe e-content resource
  • Support for mathematical formulas (e.g. MathML)
  • Facility to importing web pages
  • Incorporating a spell check facility
  • Ability to add metadata to an eXe package (e.g Dublin Core, Cancore)
  • Optional tracking of all assessment or quiz type iDevices in the SCORM export
  • Ability to track student activity when content is viewed as a web site locally (in this case the content is not delivered using an Learning Management System)
  • Ability to associate audio files with selected iDevices, for example Free text or image gallery iDevices
  • Adding an optional footer to all pages of an eXe package
  • Ability to add an optional logo to all pages of an eXe package
  • Automatically generated page menu or table of contents for long pages
  • Categorisation of iDevices so that they are displayed in a tree structure, rather than an alphabetical list
  • iDevice to convert a slide show or Powerpoint with the ability to associate audio files with individual slides
  • Ability to edit eXe stylesheets
  • iDevice to embed educational Java applets
  • The development of open education resources on how to use eXe
  • Ability to split/join the free text and wikipedia iDevice into iDevices with unique ID.
  • technical documentation
  • a template engine, that could allow user to specify an output layout of the web page that can meet their own culture or orginization requirment

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