Examples using JClic applet

Ex1. Applet and activity are Remote

JClic applet and activity are linked from a remote site. Use jclicplugin.js file to launch the applet.

  language="JavaScript" src=""     
<script language="JavaScript">
  writePlugin('', '800', '600');

Ex 2. files loaded into eXe

*.jar files and activitypack must be uploaded before. Use object tag (tested with firefox browser only)

<object classid="java:JClicApplet"
    archive="jclicapplet.jar,jclic.jar, activities.jar, utilities.jar,jclicxml.jar, 
             jmfhandlers.jar,intl.jar,qt60.jar ,qt61.jar,soundspi.jar" 
    height="600" width="800">
   <param name="codebase" value="." />
   <param name="activitypack" value="" />
   <strong>    This browser does not have a Java Plug-in.    <br />    
         <a href="">      Get the latest Java Plug-in here.    </a>      
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