Refer to Project Charter.

eXe is a authoring tool for structured educational content.

Development objectives

The eXe project will develop a web publishing tool that can:

  1. create, modify, and archive instructional devices;
  2. enable users to aggregate instructional devices into content templates;
  3. modify and archive content templates;
  4. export instructional devices and content templates;
  5. create and modify metadata about instructional devices and content templates;
  6. automate and manipultate the presentation of content for a variety of contexts;
  7. facilitate the import of eXe content into compliant LMSs

eXe should be an offline editor

easier to use than Frontpage/Composer? for educators
able to export/save to SCORM/Moodle/Cecil
Structured (iDevices+Resources) content
Multi-stage iDevices - e.g. comments on a lesson.... implies eXe lesson server aggregate instructional devices into templates -- not required for stage 1/2

IDevices are placed in an Template in a hierarchial tree... i.e. they have a parent and may have children.

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