• A Content Package is a collection of content e.g. a course

Package Properties

  • A Package has properties

Package Taxonomy

  • The user will have the ability to define the taxonomy for a package, this defines the structure for the package
  • The taxonomy specifies the levels the package content will be divided into
    • Three levels will be recomended in the documentation, but the user may create more
  • The user can define for each level
    • What is the name for the level (e.g. section, chapter, module)
    • What are the recommended iDevices to be used in this level
      • The user will be able to over-ride this recommendation and select from the complete list of iDevices
    • Are nodes at this level divided into separate pages
  • The user can change the settings for for each level and add extra levels, but cannot delete a level


  • A template is a Content Package where the content objects are not yet filled in
  • Templates are used 1.#1 To provide a suggested ordering of iDevices (as a starting point)
  • One template will be included with the FirstIteration
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