• This version of the editor will include a "cut down iDevice Editor"
  • This editor will allow creating, simple editing and deletion of "user defined iDevices", each of which is composed of
    • a classification fixed text <<<<< This is set when creating the iDevice
    • a title field
    • instructions field
    • feedback field
  • an icon is associated with the classification
  • When constructing one of these "user defined iDevices" the creator determines the classification and an optional icon for the iDevice
    • A default icon will be available
    • The icon is part of the presentation, it is the only part of the presentation which can be changed using the editor (Later iterations will have greater ability to control presentation)
  • Once the "user defined iDevice" is created it will be available for the "content-authoring user" in the same way as the iDevices provided with the editor.
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