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  • An iDevice is a mini-template for the creation of content
  • Content authored in the editor is "tagged" with attributes from the iDevice which was used to create it.... such that the content can be reloaded into the iDevice again, or transformed according to the structure imposed upon it by the iDevice.
  • Editing an iDevice will not change the objects previously built with that iDevice
  • An iDevice defines
    • Structure => The collection of fields for the content
    • Purpose => Brief statement what the iDevice is for
    • Pedagogical tip => Detailed instructions how this iDevice can be used
    • Instructions for completion = > How content should be entered using this iDevice
      • An iDevice may have one instruction for the whole iDevice, or many instructions (upto one for each field)
    • Author/contributor details
    • Description
    • For the FirstIteration there does not need to be any other Metadata captured


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