These features will be required at some stage (still to be phased) after the FirstIteration.

A package can be imported from external formats if it was exported from eXe (definitely later than 2nd release)

Content objects will reflect changes to the iDevices

---> possible to recreate the iDevices needed from the Content objects

iDevices will have metadata which is created by peer review (e.g. in an iDevice repository)

Automatic numbering of content

Extraction of a "mini course" out of a course package.

Ability to set up/add a deep link to a forum

Ability to enter/edit iDevice content in multiple languages

Internationaliztion/Localization? of eXe UI.

An iDevice may have sub-iDevices

  • e.g. Reading Activity iDevice might be one of
    • Journal Reading
    • Book Chapter Reading
    • Online Reading

Although the user defines the package taxonomy the user must still be able to define sections which fall outside the taxonomy (e.g. About, Preface, Library resources)

---Ability to have a central server...????--- (scrap)

Ability to have multiple views of the content which (upon user selection) will reflect changes to the content ("live updates")

Ability to undo actions

multiple objects can share resources

Spell checker --- PyEnchant

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