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As the number and complexity of iDevices increases, combined with ideas for linking idevices to particular pedagogical "templates", it would be useful to provide users with alternative display trees in the iDevice pane using different classification frameworks.

Ideally, each iDevice should carry its own metadata regarding its relationship to different classification views. The following classification frameworks and corresponding tree nodes are suggested examples:

Classification alternatives

A suggested list of classification alternatives may include:

Default view

This is simple a list of iDevices that are sorted alphabetically in the iDevice pane.

iDevice properties

This tree is based on the properties of individual iDevices, and could contain the following nodes and suggested listing for iDevices

  • Free text iDevice is listed off the root (or is this under 'static'; problem is that 'root' doesn't mean anything to non-technical users ? [-- BrentSimpson DateTime(2005-07-13T23:05:11Z)?]
  • Unclassified iDevices are listed of the root (see above in reference to problem with 'root' label, BAS)
  • Static iDevices (eg Objectives and Preknowledge) with subsection for
    • Multimedia (i'd suggest that for simplification/usability we just include a node called Multimedia, BAS)(Agreed - a sub-node called multimedia could be confusing - Perhaps we should leave this for now, and if required at a later stage, we can think of a better solution to highlight multimedia idevices - WGM)
  • Interactive iDevices (eg MCQ, Reflective question) with subsection for
    • Multimedia (see above, BAS)
  • Format iDevices including the heading iDevice and later the hard page break required for formatting of pdf exports
  • Resource iDevices - a subcategory for iDevices required for embedding external resources and objects, for example documents and output from other tools (eg ConceptTutor), (Multimedia could fall under this instead of having it's own category/label, BAS)
    Free Text
    Page Break
    Wikipedia Article
    Flash Object

Learning process

This is a listing derived from the learning sequence, where iDevices can roughly be listed into broad phases of the learning process, for example

  • iDevices that could be used in any phase of the learning process (e.g. free text) are listed off the root
  • Introduction - listing those iDevices that are typically used in the introductory phase of presentation (eg Preknowledge)
  • Body - listing those iDevices that are typically used during the main body of presentation
  • Conclusion, eg. summative assessment iDevices.

Template specific

There is a need to have specific pedagogical templates. These, for example could be based on:

  • Specific pedagogical models - e.g. David Merril's component display theory;
  • Presentation specific templates - Flash cards (like the Hebrew project), templates designed for specific payback devices.

Each template specific design would have its own classification tree, if required.


  • Generic iDevices are not intended for use in Template specific designs, unless purposefully tested and adapted for these templates. The iDevice "objective" that is adapted for use in a template specific design because it requires different pedagogical tips would constitute a new iDevice.
  • Users cannot alter the names of the nodes used in alternative display trees.

Usability/technical implications

  • Introduction of a preferences tab in eXe where users can specifiy their preferred iDevice tree for display;
  • Metadata required for each iDevice indicating the parent heading where the iDevice should reside under each classification framework
  • How do users select alternative trees for display when working in a package?
  • Do we save the last tree view option so that it loads the last tree display, or do user preferences overide the last tree display?
  • When users create new idevices they should be able to add classification metadata.
  • If the metadata re iDevice classification is missing, do we list the iDevice from the root or do we have heading called "unclassified"?
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