Hi, if you've found your way to my page Tena koe! I've been with this project for the past 2 years. When I arrived the team was still forming but it had two dedicated open source developers, a technical consultant (who was basically responsible for keeping the team abreast of technological trends, directions, influences and generally a bit of a futures trader) and our leader, the brains behind the whole scheme and tenacious enough to ignore the 'doubting Thomases' out there that thought he was insane. My role was that of learning designer. What is that I hear you ask. Well it's a role or sometimes a title that's become more 'popular' over the past wee while. Essentially, I advocate for the user. I consider how usable a technology is for the purpose for which it was designed e.g. in this case it was being designed for teachers to use to convey learning content to students so the technology had to easy for time and energy strapped teachers to create with while being enticing enough for students want to spend their time online working with the content. Talk about a juggling act with requirements and skills at different ends of the spectrum! I also worked closely with Brent our technical consultant at the trends that apply to teachers and learners and dreaming about the possibilities for the future.

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