Installing eXe on the One Laptop Per Child OLPC XO

The eXe (eXeLearning) Fedora 7 RPM can be used on the OLPC.

  1. install python-imaging, python-zopeinterface
    1. start Terminal activity
    2. become root
    3. use yum to install packages
      yum install python-imaging python-zopeinterface
  2. install Firefox (and all of its dependencies)
    1. this requires editing /etc/yum.repos.d/ to remove firefox from the exclude line
      yum install firefox
  3. install the exe-1.xx.x.xxxx-y.fc7 RPM
    rpm -ivh
  4. start eXe from the Terminal activity using the exe command

Be patient! It takes about 90 seconds for eXe to launch completely and become ready for use.

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