Installing eXe on openSUSE

The Fedora 7 RPM can be used with openSUSE 10.2. There are two problems. openSUSE does not set the python(abi) value. And the package that Fedora calls python-zope-interface openSUSE calls python-zopeinterface.

  1. install python-imaging, python-zopeinterface, python-xml, and Firefox
  2. install the exe-1.xx.x.xxxx-y.fc7 RPM
    1. from the command line, use rpm -ivh --nodeps exe-1.xx.x.xxxx-y.fc7.i386.rpm
    2. using YAST2, indicate that you are willing to install even though python(abi) and python-zope-interface do not appear to be available
Last modified 7 years ago Last modified on May 21, 2009, 9:10:29 PM