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IMS Learning Resource Metadata

The Kennisnet Ict op School in the Netherlands has requested us to implement the IMS MD 1.2.4 spec into eXe to capture and export metadata. (See:

The job is to implement IMS MD 1.2.4 and then a profile of this called Dutch CZP which is of most interest to the 8000 or so Dutch institutions in primary, secondary and professional education. The CZP seems to be a declaration of what elements are mandatory and what elements are optional. See the application profile attached here.



Task Breakdown and Time Estimates

Task Time Estimate
Creation of XUL user interface in eXe for the input and capture of IMS-MD 1.2.4 data.4 days
Research and develop a system for implementing profiles for IMS-MD (possibly using VDEX)4 days
Implementation of Dutch CZP Profile as per specification1 day
Coding for export of IMS Metadata w/ SCORM and IMS Content packages. Also seperate/stand-alone export of metadata2 days
Development and addition of help and documentation into authoring interface 3 days
Translation of interface elements into Dutch 1 day
Testing of Exports 1 day
Total 16 days



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