If we can let's try to hack this extension into eXe:
resizeable textareas. brent[Date(2005-06-12T05:54:27Z)?] - i tried it with both FCKeditor and Midas and it doesn't work in those settings, probably because those editors use an inline frame and not a textarea. Perhaps we can modify the idea to work on the inline frame dimensions rather than a textarea to achieve the same thing.

Some notes on reading: About Face 2.0: the Essentials of Interaction Design

by Alan Cooper and Robert Reimann

Interaction Design is the definition and design of the behavior of artifacts, environments and systems. Interaction design seeks first to plan and describe how things behave and then describe the most effective form to communicate those behaviors. The three dimensions of design are Form : Meaning : Behavior

Goal-Directed Design achieving users goals is the basis of this design process.

  • understand user's wants, needs, motivations, and contexts
  • understand business, technical, and domain requirements and constraints
  • translate this knowledge into plans for artifacts (or artifacts themseleves) whose form, content, and behavior is useful, and desirable, as well as economically viable and technically feasible

User interfaces should avoid implementation models in favour of user mental models. implementation models reflect technology, mental models reflect user's vision

Goal-directed interactions reflect user mental models.

Significant change must be significantly better.

Nobody wants to remain a beginner

Optimize for intermediates

Imagine users as very intelligent but very busy.

Focus on goals first, tasks second - we need to understand the 'why' of users - what motivates the behaviors of individuals in different roles, and 'how' they hope to ultimately accomplish this goal - not the 'what' of the tasks they perform.

Don't make the user feel stupid.

Design each interface for a single, primary persona.

Should we perform some type of context scenarios?

ContextScenarios? - notes on using lists for menus.

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