Jim Tittsler

Email: (Jim AT SPAMFREE eXeLearning DOT org)

I am a long time Python programmer that was interested in eXe for the way it integrated Python and Mozilla (and even more interested in the PyXPCOM and PyXPDOM schemes it might use in the future). I'm also a Mac user, and was disappointed to see the OS X version of eXe was falling behind the other versions... so I started doing that, and from there got more involved in the project. I've moved from Tokyo to Gisborne to spend a year polishing eXe while based at Tairawhiti Polytechnic. Following on from that, I was fortunate that CORE Education has been interested enough in eXe to continue supporting it and related development projects.

I currently spend most of my time working on WikiEducator as the lead developer of the fledgling Open Education Resources Foundation.

In an earlier life I've designed personal computer hardware, software, and firmware for Heath, Atari, and Creative Technology.

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