Hi all

I just reviewed the newest kupu again, before I go to Taiwan I would still like to speak out my concern about kupu..., best try it before you decide it...or not try it at this stage to save our time

I still think kupu is not suitable for eXe currently...


  1. it is mainly designed for editing full document, unlike we did in

idevice mini template things. Its documentation said it support post method, but not mention for multi textarea fields support ( in its INSTALL.txt """Kupu can also be used inside an HTML form to participate in a POST situation. This way Kupu behaves like it is a field in a form, when the form gets submitted Kupu will add a hidden form field to the form and place it's contents in the field, so it is part of the request body when the form is submitted.""" )


O )

  1. through it is strickly xml like, but a simple one field form like

this ( ), will contain 508 lines of html code, not to mention other included javascript, css... feel complicate to me

  1. I am not used to its interface, its right pane seemed to be the same

as upper panel...

  1. if we need image file upload func in kupu, we have to write the

interface for it....


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