A prototype of the Discussion Forum iDevice for Moodle was included with Release 0.12 of eXe.

The screenshot shows a SCORM package that was imported into Moodle (after the Moodle "patch" was installed) using the experimental Discussion iDevice in eXe. You will also find a few notes on this feature below.


A few things you should know about the Discussion Activity iDevice in eXe:

  • This is an experimental feature for demonstration purposes only - best not to use this feature when authoring e-learning materials at this time.
  • This iDevice does NOT replace the discussion forum engine of the Learning Management System. It simply provides a smart way in eXe to create a discussion forum offline with corresponding links to the relevant forum in Moodle from the content package.
  • Using this feature in Moodle requires the installation of an unofficial "patch" that is currently not supported by the Moodle development community. Until such time that it is stable, we do not recommend that you install the "patch" on a production installation of your LMS.
  • This feature will only work with a Moodle installation using the "patch". (When using other LMSs, the forum must be set up manually and the url for the discussion forum must be entered manually in eXe.)
  • You are welcome to play with this feature on eXe's installation of Moodle which has already been "patched" for testing purposes. For teacher administration rights in this demonstration course, username is "teacher" and password is "demo"
  • To play with this experimental feature yourself go to the download sites at Sourceforge or Eduforge and:
    • install a copy of Release 0.12 of eXe (exe-install-0.12.exe for windows users)
    • install a copy of the Discussion Activity iDevice (discussionidevice-install-0.12.exe for windows users)
    • author a package using the Discussion Activity iDevice in eXe and export as a SCORM package in the usual way.
    • for Moodle administrators, instructions on installing the "patch" (scormForumLib.php) are provided in the file: discussionidevice-moodle.txt. Note: This feature is experimental and unstable.

Usecase documenting early ideas.

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