Mozilla as a Development Platform: An Interview with Axel Hecht

Aquaintances 2 is an XML Feed reader for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Apple OSX... it is built in GTK/Python (on top of LibGlade?) using the Mozilla Firefox GTK bindings.

Robert O'Callahans NZLUG talk

  • [http:/downloads/nzlug-may05-high.wav Talk]
  • [http:/downloads/nzlug-may05-slides.sxi Slides]

"Back to web applications. Mozilla is now the best platform for doing such development. It has the best standards support, is cross-platform and has the best devloper tools: DOM Inspector and Venkman, and perhaps even mindshare. In fact (market share be damned), it makes sense to first write yout rich web application for Mozilla. Your code will be cleaner to start off, will be better structured and will most likely work in other browsers - but that's my opinion, others say target MSIE first, just look at marketshare! - I would rather ignore that and get the compelling app."

Also another article: The Location Field Is the New Command Line

Mozilla and the potential for interaction

"I am a firm believer that web applications need to be tuned to the platform and context that they are being developed for. A website selling inflatable sheep needs to be accessible in all browsers and for all platforms; it is a public resource and should handle the different platforms that the public use. With regards to custom applications for specific clients/environments however, we can focus on a single browser platform; this is common within intranet application development. This is where Mozilla is pushing the potential for Mozilla dependent web applications with its XML User Interface Language (XUL) framework."

How to build a better web browser

Interesting article from a former developer of IE on browser design.

eXe project inverts the traditional usage of a browser from 'reading' to 'writing'. For this reason I would argue that we need to carefully re-examine two interfaces: the browser (how can we change/modify?), and the Word Processor (traditional writing application). Somewhere between these two interfaces is the eXe interface.

Highly Responsible Web Interfaces

Joel on Software ( writing in response to the Google Suggest beta thinks that the increase in various types of highly responsive user web interfaces is going to create users who expect such interfaces. I also particulary like the A9 and the TiddlyWiki interface for similar reasons. Just when you thought Javascript was a toy - it's back in a big way!

see also:

and for some technical talk:

The Connexions roadmap was developed by Rice University in Houston, Texas to assist users in navigating their collection of Open Content. It is written in XUL and adds a toolbar to the users screen to assist navigation.

XUL Links?


PyXPCOM | pyxpcom


OutFoxed - a music/jukebox application written in XUL and XULrunner - SmartFox?

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