Specifications for Multi-response item

This question type is used when more than one correct response is required. See example below:



  1. User can select more than one response
  2. User can toggle selection on/off before submitting answer.
  3. In edit mode eXe checks that more than one response is selected as the "correct" alternative.
  4. Answer is not "marked" until user presses the submit button.
  5. Hint is optional
  6. Optional feedback button is not activated until users have submitted their answer.
  7. Correct answer text is generated automatically - eg Correct answer is: Hamilton, Auckland. Alternatively we could investigate a more sophisticated correct answer display on the web interface that highlights correct and incorrect responses using tick marks and crosses?
  8. Optional feedback is a show/hide type text indicating why the answers are correct/incorrect as generic feedback.
  9. The multi reponse item should have the optional setting of randomising the sequence of alternatives each time it is published.
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