Brainstorm notes

Gisborne developer's node

  • Set up the Gisborne developer's node;
  • Induction and training of Gisborne developers by the core eXe development team;
  • Set up adminstration capability at Gisborne node;
  • Requirements specification for the eXe tools to be developed by the Gisborne node:
    • Multi-media presentation iDevice (see graphic below);
    • culturally relevant iDevices to support and promote e-learning for Maori teachers and learners (building on the outcomes of Te Ako Hikohiko Wananga e-Learning; Open Source Courseware intiative; Critical success factors for effective use of e-learning with Maori learners; Critical Success Factors for effective use of e-learning with Paskifika Learners; Maori Language in e-Learning;
  • Develop the code for the multi-media presentation iDevices and Maori iDevices;
  • Join and assist with the presentation of the developers workshops;
  • Report on the lessons learned for setting up a core developers node with the view to faciliting scalable replication at other institutions;
  • Draft reference model(s) for relevant processes and submit for open comment and refinement.


Building on the growth in podcasts using RSS feeds, we envisage building authoring capabilities for a multi-media presentation element in eXe. The Auckland node will be focusing on mobile technologies and we hope to build a Video-on-demand (Vodcast)that could be played back on mobile devices. We will also explore the potential of an vodcast player that will incorporate technologies that aggregate selected vodcast feeds.

We have created screenshot illustration of what an eXe Vodcast player might look like.


Developers workshops

  • Planing and development of workshop resources
  • Selection of workshop participants;
  • Presentation of first one-day workshop (introduction to Pyhton and eXe architecture)
  • Collective development of wiki green papers for developing additional iDevices;
  • Sprint weekend for developers to compare, share and refine code of iDevices;
  • Final code Submission and evaluation by lead developer for acceptance into the eXe code trunk;

eXe core developer's node

  • Training and induction of Gisborne developer's node;
  • Facilitating the developers workshops and Sprint weekend;
  • Requirements specifications for eXe tools to be developed by the core developers node:
    • Authoring tools for mobile devices;
    • eXe player plugins for specialised eXe tools, eg. podcast player;
  • Specifying the architecture for import/export capability for wikitext format (to facilitate import and export of content into eXe from open content wikis)
  • Draft referenece models for relevant processes and submit for open comment and refinement;

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