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Extend New Zealand capability in IMS/SCORM interoperability specifications and open source software code development by establishing a new eXe Knowledge Community node (see graphic below)Singularly contribute towards the achievment of this outcome by piloting the establishment of a node in Gisborne that can be replicated elsewhere in New Zealand and internationally
Enhancing capability at individual TEIs in eXe by presenting developer workshops for iDevice developers for nominated partcipants in the NZ tertiary education sectorSingularly achieve this objective
Extend features of the eXe project for building e-learning capability in New Zealand, particulary in the area of mobile learning and multimedia content for remote learnersSingularly achieve this objective
Pilot the development of reference models relevant to the service frameworks associated content design, development and delivery in e-learning thus contributing to JISCs e-framework Contribute to the attainment of this outcome in collaboration with JISC
Estbalish foundations for next-generation e-learning technologies associated with personalised learning environments. Partialluy contribute to the ongoing development in this field
Pilot the potential of open content development (for example Wikipedia and Wikiversity)and customised delivery of content for individual TEIsPartially achieve this objective in collaboration with NZ TEIs and the global community

Describing an eXe Knowledge Community Node

An eXe Knowledge Community Node comprises the five cornerstones of a sustainable community hub as depicted in the graphic below. The aim is to pilot the establishment of such a node in Gisborne, New Zealand. At the same we will build capability in eXe as a technology by extending the current list of features. Hopefully the lessons learned from establishing the Gisborne node can be used to replicate the model elsewhere.


We hope that our experiences in New Zealand can be used to inform the development of eXe Knowledge Communities around the globe.


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