Experimental site to explore the potential of using Mediawiki for the authoring of Open Education Resources with the help of the eLearning XHTML editor (eXe).

Wayne envisages Community Nodes with a collection of co-ordinators within each node.

We are currently receiving requests for exe training and support materials from around the world and this is a possible tool for collaborating on the development of such materials with other exe enthusiasts both individuals and organisations.

Wayne's Vision

Advantages of wiki

  • Social context
  • recording conversations
  • collaboration
  • open content moderation

The concept behind WikiEducator is to provide flexibility in the development of content through the use of the wiki /page feature that allows different associations between chunks of content in this case each chunk occupies it's own page.

Content can be created for use in eXe through a wikieducator iDevice plug-in so that once the content is pulled into eXe it can be customised without affecting the original wikieducator contribution.

Looking to future possibility of being able to work with iDevices directly in wiki and import content and iDevices directly from eXe in wikieducator.

Notion of community nodes made up of self organising and managing coordinators.

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