Projects Inspired by eXe

An active evolution of eXe
Being led by INTEF and CeDeC under the Ministry of Education of Spain. Their intention is to keep evolving the tool and make it a web application.
eXe Next Generation
Adds export to XML format and a Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) app that allows eXe generated content to run on basic $40+ feature phones on the memory card. Also adds new idevices inc. sort, hangman game, memory match, object placing, click according to hint, and more.
A project started by the founder of the eXe project that builds on the pedagogical template (iDevice) scheme, but adds online collaboration among authors. Reuse can be as simple as an IFrame or exporting into a content package for use in a traditional LMS.
eXe forks at TU Munich
Investigating both desktop and web-based enhancements.
eXe Modifications
Updated TinyMCE with additional plugins and additional language features. Daniel Pascual.
Italian eXe Community
Promoting eXe in Italy.
A clone of the eLearning XHTML editor for a Project at TH Mittelhessen, Germany
Ivo Benner has contributed some fixes/enhancements back to the eXe community. (The only one to submit git pull requests for eXe. Thanks!)
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