• An iDevice should know what resource files it needs
    • But, it needs the webui.Block to tell it
    • What about icons? --- does this depend on the style?
  • Node should have a resources() method which asks all its iDevices what resource files they need and filters out duplicates
  • Manifest should ask each Node what files to add under <resource> in the imsmanifest.xml file
  • Adding an image to an iDevice - should we take a temporary copy of it, or load it into memory (much faster, more memory)
    • When the package is saved we include the resoure file in the elp (zip) file
    • When the package is loaded we need to unzip the elp file somewhere? or We serve the image from memory (much faster)
  • Adding some other kind of resource file (e.g. PDF) Twisted won't know how to display, just show a link
    • take a temporary copy
    • save / load for elp (zip) file
  • ScormExport? and WebsiteExport? should make sure to copy the resource files from their locations to their outputs
  • Do we need a repository which images a saved in before they can be used?
    • leave to a later iteration?
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