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Restoring a backup

  1. Install Fedora Core 5 on the restoration machine
  2. Add NZ mirror to yum.repos.d for core and updates
  3. Update to current state of FC5
  4. Reboot to pick up latest kernel and libraries
  5. Install any RPMs listed in /etc/local.rpms that are not currently installed
  6. Create a user call backup and extract to the folder called data
  7. Use that to restore /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages (so rdiff-backup can be used)
  8. Restore /etc
  9. Use rdiff-backup to restore other directories
  10. copy the
  11. Copy off/extract the backup data from a CD to somewhere in one of the home direcotories

Restore backup

  1. cd /media/base
  2. mv etc etc.old
  3. rdiff backup –r now home/Oluwa/Desktop/backup/etc etc (where you xtracted the cd to)
  4. mkdir home/backup
  5. rdiff backup –r now home/Oluwa/Desktop/backup/home/backup/dumps home/backup/dumps
  6. vim (open the restore file with vim)
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