• eXe Overview 06:34 15MB (2008-04-23)
    • an introduction to eXe, the eLearning XHTML editor, in under 7 minutes!
  • eXe Description 03:24 (2008-09-04)
    • talking head video quickly describing eXe
  • eXe Background 07:52 (2008-09-04)
    • talking head video explaining why you would use eXe to put together purposefully structured content

eXe Details and Tips

  • eXe Outline Pane 02:08 4.3 MB (2008-04-10)
    • build an eXe resource from a hierarchy of pages; learn how to insert another eXe package (elp) into a package
  • Working with iDevices 04:16 6.5 MB (2008-04-10)
    • adding an iDevice; using the rich text editor toolbar, deleting or moving an iDevice
  • Attachments in eXe 01:35 2.5 MB (2008-04-09)
    • embed an attachment in an eXe package using the link button of the rich text editor
  • Using eXe Content in Moodle 02:08 4MB (2008-04-23)
    • exporting an IMS Content Package and importing it into an LMS
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