Suggested requirements for the Second iteration (10 March)



priority #2

  • iDevice metadata
    • Title
    • Purpose => Brief statement what the iDevice is for
    • Pedagogical tip => Detailed instructions how this iDevice can be used
    • Instructions for completion = > How content should be entered using this iDevice
      • An iDevice may have one instruction for the whole iDevice, or many instructions (upto one for each field)
    • Author/contributor details

iDevices to include

priority #2

  • priority 1 : Multi-Choice iDevice (see submission form)
  • priority 2 : Reflection iDevice
    • question with hidden answer

Content Package


Priority #3

  • Ability to change styles
  • One more style

Pedagogical Templates

Priority #3


Priority #1

  • SCORM content packaging
    • to test on Blackboard, Cecil, WebCT, Reload, Moodle.
    • meta data included (Title, Author, Description)
    • need to include style files in IMSManifest
    • need globally unique identifiers


Priority #1

  • A MacOS install package
  • Update the Windows installer
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