We are using Subversion as our source control system. The Subversion Book is a great reference.

The eXe repository is located at . Anyone may view the source code, but permission to commit changes has been restricted to the eXe team members (Contact exe AT exelearning DOT org ) for more information).


TortoiseSVN examples

To check out the first time:

To commit a change:

  • right click | SVN Commit
  • Enter message
  • The first time it will ask for a username and password

command-line examples

To check out the source svn checkout exe

To update your local source svn update

To add a file svn add

To compare local source with the repository svn diff

To commit changes to the repository svn commit --message "Corrected number of cheese slices."

Don't commit code to the repository without testing it first. Code commited should conform to our CodingStandards.

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