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This wiki page was started on 13 June 2005 to brainstorm ideas for developing content resources that could be used to promote the quality of e-teaching when authoring content in eXe (and other authoring environments). The idea is to develop a series of open content resources to provide just-in-time support for academics and teachers who are looking for a little help with their e-learning activities. Once we have developed draft texts in this wiki, the aim is to then publish the content resources using the eXe authoring tool. In this way we will be able to export the content as SCORM packages that can be used at your own institution within your local LMS. We will also provide the eXe source files (.elp) so that you can adapt and modify the content for your own situation.

Everyone is welcome to participate in this initiative. The only requirement is that you agree to contribute content under the GNU Free Documentation License. In this way we can ensure that everyone benefits from our collective efforts. The following extract of the GNU Free Documentation License is provided for your information:

Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.1 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts and no Back-Cover Texts. A copy of the license is included in the section entitled "GNU Free Documentation License".

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Requirements/specifications for the resources

  1. About 40 minutes worth of learning material for each resource
  2. Can be used as a standalone resource or imported into an LMS to facilate interaction.
  3. Should contain worked examples of the key ideas/concepts.
  4. Where possible incoporate local examples (with attribution) of external web resources.
  5. You can include suggestions in the drafts for interaction (discussion forums) when the content is to be delivered via an LMS. For example: suggested texts for discussion forum threads, introductory texts usually uploaded in the LMS before directing learners to the resource etc.

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Content ideas

The ideas listed here are the result of an intitial brainstorm on resources that will think will support academics/teachers with e-learning & how they might use eXe to implement e-learning in their teaching.

  1. How do I make my course more interactive?
    • What is interactivity?
    • Why do you want to do this?
    • How will you make your course more interactive?
  1. Difference between content & form ...
    • What is content in relation to learning?
    • Interaction between form & content?
    • How do I structure/sequence learning materials?
  1. Chuncking - How do I break up my content for teaching?
    • Relationship between pace & content structure/sequencing.
  1. How can I improve formative assessment in my teaching?
  1. How can I use simulations in online teaching?
  • Skillport???
  • Roleplay??? -Can we simulate the roleplay in the resource?
  • Online Lab simulation - different pedagogical purposes.
  1. Purpose of your teaching in relation to teaching "strategy" implemented.
  1. How can the learning process mediated?
  • Forms of interaction (student-student; student-content; student-lecturer);
  • interaction between research & learning.
  1. Using blogs in my teaching
  1. How can I use social software in my teaching.
  1. Examples of different pedagogical "templates" - approaches
  1. Theories of teaching/learning - approaches
  1. Modes of communication & media of communication - what's the difference?
  • Fitness for purpose;
  • Selection/choice of different media
  • Visual/spatial representation

  1. Designing learning for different audiences
  • Learning style
  • Learners with special needs
  • Cultural differences

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Suggested development process

  1. Lead author makes first draft
  2. Upload on wiki for comments/refinements
  3. Notify possible commentators/editors - eg CFDL, TLS etc, eXe user group.
  4. Convert resource into eXe format.
  5. Upload the SCORM package into an open LMSs (Eg. Moodle, Atutor, Claroline, Ilias, Docebo, Dokeos etc.) to illustrate the "student" view of the resource.
  6. Send a copy of the eXe source file (.elp) to the eXe project which will make the content available for download.

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Content resources under development

Lead author creates new wiki page link from here ....

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