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Agenda Team Meeting 5 September 07

  • Quiz engine - Interactive Pagemaker

Agenda Team Meeting 31 July 07

  • bug report from each developer, what are you working on currently, next challenge...
    • header image progress
    • fonts


  • multi media (flash) iDevices remain in code but are hidden so that should anyone who has an created content using these idevices in a previously created elp wants to use these idevice and is sufficiently expert enough, they can access the code. All users should be encouraged to new media button in rich text editor.
  • math (LaTeX) facility now available in similar form to existing math idevice. This will suffice for 1.0 but will look to add GUI in post 1.0.
  • Java script and SCORM issues Jenny to investigate.
  • Multi select idevice - issues with scoring, team decided to remove scoring for the time being and only provide correct/incorrect feedback. For future development could look at provide users with a list of scoring techniques:
    1. Normal
    2. negative allowed
    3. All or None
  • Decided more important to focus current development resource on unicode problems which have more recently started to be reported by users.
  • Header image issue in properties tab - Jenny thinks that maybe this is a resource handling issue and will investigate further.
  • Some discussion on IEEE LOM and how we currently handle this for IMS Content and SCORM packaging.
  • Dutch IEEE LOM work post 1.0 release. Sandy will contact Jeroen this week to follow up on exactly what they require from us for this work to go ahead. see
  • Will not be distributing road map with 1.0 release
  • Ongoing work on Sustainability Report

Agenda Meeting July 24, 2007

  • GETS ref. no. 18613 for additional information relating to the Supply of benchmarking services and supporting IT systems for Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics for the Tertiary Education Commission (A281548)
  • how we want to do the upgrade paths for the following idevices:FlashWithText (swfs), FlashMovie? (flvs) and MP3 iDevice (mp, ummmm, 3s or something)
  • what bugs were solved last week and require testing
  • Auckland contracts


Sustainability Report

  • Use WE research for report
  • Main benefit: Team members increase in skills Investment in capability

So CITE is what's come out of it

  • OS developer case studies Jim, Remo, working as a distributed team.

Sustainability of what?

  • software?
  • social and economic implication of working in this environment for large communities, countries * timely in up-skilling team, investment in future human technological capacity team members sort after for skills gained in opensource * exe charged twice
  • Mahara - email to Andrew
  • Phillipa Gerbic - School of Ed

CLiK - eXe on teachers laptops

Agenda Meeting May 24 & 25, 2007

Meeting Scheduled Thursday 24 & Friday 25th May @ Auckland eXelearning office @ 10am

  • accommodation options for eXe Auckland team
  • update on the current financial position of eXe
  • CITE registration
  • CITE structure, location, roles and relationships
  • LAMS Project
  • Aukland connectivity and network requirements - can you operate within the AUT network?
  • The sustainability report... for TEC
  • SOA and Mashups...?

Meeting Apr 4th, 2007

10:00 Teleconference: Brent, Helena, Jenny, Sean, Sandy, Jim, Remo

  • 0.9 release planned for Mid March not on track. Release possibly a month or more away.
  • Is XML or IMS file format 1.0 or 1.1?
  • Red X problem - JT working on it 1.0
  • Embed media to push to 1.1? RW to investigate TinyMCE to sort embedded media iDevices.
  • Extra iDevices, BS/JL to investigate issues with gallery idevice
  • Donate button on eXe site
  • Release schedule - release of known bugs. Need to pick up all user interface requirements.
  • File>Preferences or Edit>Preferences option - XUL dialogue? JL
  • CITE website
    • Need to start working on some quality content for this site
    • Need to register with govt tender site so we can be notified of work in our field
    • Cite funds - where does the money come to.
    • People page
    • projects for money
    • Need to produce some proposals
    • Support and training role - designing workshops, short course type sessions
    • More ongoing development work

Video Conference Mar 19th, 2007


Auckland Team Status

1.0 Release Plan

  • 0.9 feature freeze
  • 1.0 bug fixes, stability

Show stopping bugs

  • users closing Firefox window, leaving eXe server running
    • (better) polling implementation
    • xulrunner application
    • custom Firefox compilation
  • untranslatable messages

Serious bugs

  • live links in wiki/external websites
  • (timing?) related errors with quick clicking on UI elements, moving/adding pages

Desired features

  • printing

Nice to have features

  • SCORM 2004
  • TinyMCE image/media buttons
  • internal linking

Features that should be removed

Rough edges

  • idevices for HTML editing rather than courseware
  • export includes extra files
  • file format
    • prevents running older versions
  • exe.conf
    • hard codes first installation directory #738

0.22 Release

  • current nightly status?
  • testing status?

Meeting Feb 14th, 2007

14:00 in eXe Gisborne office: Brent, Helena, Jim, Remo, Sandy

Working Toward 1.0 Release

in approximate priority order

  • stability
    • timing issues
      • moving nodes
      • adding pages
      • nevow/twisted exceptions
    • why do unchanged packages change size?
    • why are freshly loaded packages marked as changed?
      • changes after save
  • printing
    • entire course
    • table of contents
    • individual page
  • resource management
    • gallery iDevice
  • translations
    • Javascript only messages
    • Firefox messages
  • SCORM 2004
  • SCORM Quiz
    • browser compatibility
    • LMS compatibility
  • footers/headers
  • problems with multiple eXes (different ports)
  • hide terminal window
  • TinyMCE paste
  • image with text -> TinyMCE
  • security/link confusion
  • Refresh button (OS X)
  • Flash with Internet Explorer


  • internal linking
    • user interface? TinyMCE?
  • spell checking
    • Firefox
    • TinyMCE
    • ASpell
  • proxy support
  • FTP/WebDAV publishing
    • document OS supported methods
  • metadata enhancements
  • package and share iDevices

Also discussed was a possible package upgrade tool and/or web service to handle converting earlier packages to 1.0 format rather than maintaining that code within eXe.

There was also discussion of trimming the iDevices back to something more minimal:

  • Activity
  • Case Study
  • External/Wiki?
  • Free Text
  • Image with Text (or better, the ability to include images/media with any text)
  • Objectives
  • Preknowledge
  • Reading
  • Reflection

Meeting Jan 26th, 2007

Time 9.30am VC on skype to Jim's machine.

why not just the phone like we usually do? we don't all have mics/headsets in the office... hell, i don't even have Skype (proprietary software!).. -- BrentSimpson DateTime(2007-01-25T06:18:18Z)?


  1. Update on Progress. Issues that have come up since Waiheke.
  2. How do we get to a version 1. release asap?
  3. Prospects for further funding beyond April for eXe team.
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