Things to test

To be executed each release

Starting eXe

  • start from shortcut (windows)
  • launch from start menu (windows)
  • double click on .elp file to check file associations


  • Test runs on Windows XP
    • running XP firewall turned on
  • Test runs on MacOS 10.2
  • Test runs on Ubuntu

Outline Pane

  • add node, delete node, rename node (using button & double-click)
  • move nodes

Editing iDevices

  • Check all iDevices for helpful pedagogical help
  • Add some 'rich' content to an iDevice
  • Add non-latin characters to an iDevice
  • move iDevice (up/down/nodes)

iDevice Editor

  • create iDevice using every field available
  • save one with emphasis, one without.
  • use both in a test package and check on export.

Editing Package Properties

  • Edit title, author, description, taxonomy
  • add Metadata and save

Saving and Loading

  • add a couple of modules to a new course
  • add two iDevices
  • save the package
  • exit
  • check the package was saved (in My Docs on Windows, home dir on Linux)
  • load the package
  • check it loaded ok

Export a Website

  • export the course as a website
  • load the website in the browser, check it exported ok
  • check in Firefox, check in IE
  • check that navigation works, that long node titles appear, etc. (IE and Firefox)

Change Styles

  • change the website style
  • export the course as a website
  • load the file 1.html in the browser, check it exported ok

Export a SCORM package

  • add SCORM quiz iDevice and create SCORM quiz
  • export the course as a SCORM package
  • check it imports into LMSs correctly
    • import the package into Reload
    • import the package into Moodle
    • import the package into Blackboard
  • see if SCORM quiz reports scores in Moodle, in Blackboard?

iDevice specifics

  • multimedia iDevice
  • java applet iDevice
  • flash w/ text iDevice
  • ?

Test Tasks

  • send package to another user and have open



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