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has been translated into a variety of languages through the contributions of many people. If you are interested in translating eXe see the instructions here: or you may contact the developers at [email protected]….

The following people have helped translate eXe into a variety of languages:

Bárd András - [email protected]… Hungarian

Arek Felinczak - [email protected]… Polish

Andres Mellik - [email protected]… Estonian

Abbas Mousavi - [email protected]… Persian Sharif University of Technology, Tehran ,Iran.

Fredrik Paulsson - [email protected]… Swedish Center for Educational Computing (MDC) University of Umea Sweden

Ralf Hilgenstock - [email protected]… German

Sigurður Fjalar Jónsson - [email protected]… Icelandic

John Kostaras - [email protected]… Greek

Tania Oxenham - [email protected]… Tanui Maori

Sipho Msimango - [email protected]… Zulu

  1. Vandijck - [email protected]


Carla Impagliazzo - [email protected]… Italian

Jose Cifuentes Riquelme - [email protected]… Spanish

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