Twisted Web

Twisted Web is an Open Source web server written in Python that could be worth looking at closely for integration into the eXe. It has a very strong developers community, a small codebase, and has been used for running clients as well as servers.

Of note in the success stories section of the Twisted site is SchoolTool, a project to develop a common global school administration infrastructure that is part of the Shuttlworth Foundation. Almost every tool under development by the ShuttleworthFoundation is written in Python.


Nevow is (yet-another) Python web application construction kit. What's really interesting though is its LivePage component, a two-way bridge between JavaScript in a browser and Python on a TwistedWeb server. Using LivePage we could do all our DOM manipulation in Python, properly maintain state information, and even be able to present multiple live views in different windows :-) . Unfortunately I can't work out how to dynamically add a link with it's own handler :-( . Waiting to see if I get a response to my question posted to the twisted.web mailing list.

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