eXe Web Developer

I think that from a web development perspective the skills required for the project are a solid understanding of Object Oriented programming with a focus on Objects in JavaScript and Flash. On the Flash side, there is a need to read external data sources such as XML files. In addition, the web developer will have a good understanding of the DOM including node types, its hierarchical structure and the application of CSS2. Another important aspect is a knowledge of good design around web interfaces, icons, visualisation tools and accessability issues plus the relation with human behaviour and expectation.


  • Excellent understanding of coding standards compliant XHTML
  • ability to hand-code (this is necessary because most of the code is embedded inside Python script)
  • JavaScript skills
  • knowledge of XML
  • internet APIs
  • interface and interaction design skills
  • demonstrated ability to create visually attractive and reusable HTML templates
  • appreciation for educational applications and needs
  • Willingness to learn

-- BrentSimpson DateTime(2006-04-13T02:03:14Z)?

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