These quotes were collected from an online survey we ran in 2005.

"Great to see such an intuitive interface with no 'tech talk' it gets a big green tick for 'usability'. The little ? icons for help are good (just like Moodle)"

-- MYOB Accredited Trainer, Belmont, North Australia

"Very nice! Thanks very much for creating this tool and making it public. As others have noted, the UI, in particular, is very good compared to other packages of this type."

-- Code Developer and PhD student in the Cognition, Learning, Language, Instruction, and Culture division of the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Illinois. Urabana, IL, USA.

"One of the most interesting initiatives I've seen in this area in many years. Congratulations"

-- Linguist and Developer, Barcelona, Spain.

"Very simple, effective and produces results with minimum effort. I especially like the off-line editing of material, and excellent SCORM export capabilities."

"The devolving of responsibility for producing digital material from "technical experts" to educationalists."

"Just congratulating you for the good work. I think eXe is one of the most exciting and interesting tools that has come out for a long time. I think not many people know about it yet. But when more educators know it, it will become one of those tools that nobody can live without."

"Without a doubt the best 'authoring' tool I have used! Love it !!"

"I'm pleased to find an open source alternative to SoftChalk?'s Lesson Builder."

-- anonymous comments

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