This is a wiki especially for the exe2 project.

EXE2 is an 90% re-write of exe, replacing all server based code with PyXPCOM code, and also revamping a lot of the architecture.

Some of the major changes are listed here:

  1. Fields and IDevices come in packs, which are Mozilla Packages. (Physicially .xpi or .jar files)
  2. All saving and loading would be XML.
  3. All content would be natively XML (XHTML/SVG/XUL/etc.). (Of course exports to other formats like .PDF will be possible)
  4. There is no webserver, also there is no Python app, our application will be loaded by Mozilla/Firefox/Xulrunner? etc.
  5. Each field or IDevice will be contained in it's own directory.
  6. IDevices and Fields will be able to be written by web developers, with little or no special training.
  7. IDevices and fields may be written in any language that supports XPCOM (Javascript/C++/Java/Python?/etc.). However for languages that don't support DOM scripting (C++) there will probably still have to be some javascript involved.
  8. Basic IDevices (which are just a collection of fields) will be defined as a simple text or XML file, basically listing the fields used.
  9. Resources (scripts, css, images, etc.) used by the idevice/field, just need to be referenced by the IDevice writer, the exe engine will handle saving and import/export.
    1. Resources on chrome://urls will not be saved into the package, but will be exported.



[:running From Source:Running From Source]

[:pyxpcom idevices:XPCOM Architecture]

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