1. Users

The primary user group for the authoring environment are teachers/academics.

In addition the following groups also constitute part of the user community:

  • instructional designers
  • educational support
  • IT support staff

'Consumers' of eXe output:

  • students/learners

Wider community may also include:

  • Tertiary Education Commission
  • Open Source software developers
  • Learning Management System communities (ie. Moodle, ILIAS, Claroline, ATutor, Docebo, Dokeos, Blackboard, WebCT, etc)

1.1 Characteristics of Target Users (eXe authoring environment)

  • teachers - limited knowledge of web publishing technologies; familiar technologies: word processing, web browsing, slideshow presentations; 'digital immigrants'. Sophisticated users of publishing technologies (Dreamweaver, Frontpage, etc) are not primary audience.

1.2 Users of eXe output (web content for learning)

  • youth; age group: 5-25. 'digital natives', familiar with web technologies; multi-taskers; desire instant feedback/gratification;

2.0 Goals for eXe project

  • As many users as possible
  • access to a free tool for teachers to author content
  • contribute to NZ elearning infrastructure
  • add to a growing list of open source tools for education
  • increase the range of choice among elearning technologies

2.1 Secondary objectives

  • create platform for next generation elearning
  • promoting innovative use of technology for learning

How will success be assessed

  • number of users
  • peer-review
  • number of developers
  • continued funding

3.0 Perception

see /BrandPlatform?

4.0 Promotional Strategy

eXe is not a Learning Management System, it adds value to the suite of learning technologies already in place.

Short Term - to raise awareness; promote uptake with users, and LMS vendors/providers.

Long Term - to build relationships with community.

immediate need is graphic identity to assist with promotion of eXe. See: for examples of how this might be achieved.


This is an OpenSource? project. Open Source is primarily concerned with guaranteeing certain freedoms around software choice and distribution. (see:

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