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Using XML Topic Maps to identify and explore concepts related to a given piece of content authored in eXe.


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Author, country and date

Sandy Britain, New Zealand, 26 July, 2005

Summary statement

The XML Topic Maps Specification (XTM) provides a means of describing the conceptual or semantic relationships in knowledge structures and for associating information resources with the concepts (topics) identified in the topic map. This has many potential benefits in elearning that have been articulated elsewhere. The main idea here is that eXe would allow an author to create or import a topic map that illustrates how the key concepts expressed in the content that has been authored map onto other related concepts within the subject domain. The Topic Map thus allows the learner to visually browse the 'information space' to get an overall picture of the complexity involved and also to go and find information pertaining to the related concepts if the run-time environment supports binding of the topics to particular information resources.

Scenario summary

A short story, usually written from the perspective of the user. Best to avoid technical concepts and predetermined technical solutions.


List the conditions that must be "true" for the use case.


State the conditions that give rise to the use case.

Basic course of events

List the events or actions in sequence from the user perspective.

Post conditions

If appropriate, list the state of affairs after the course of events has been completed.


Create a heading for notes and comments to be added by the community.

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