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  <forum name="test1">
    A forum to discuss interesting stuff




   <discussion id="test1">

From what I understand though Interact doesn't support SCORM yet does it? Our current thinking is we're tagging this onto the SCORM import functionality of systems. [-- BrentSimpson DateTime(2005-07-13T09:26:33Z)?]

We are in the process of implementing SCORM import at present so will look at integrating this forum creation at the same time ;-) [-- GlenDavies? DateTime(2005-07-14T08:42:33Z)?]

Glen, our developer Wen has made some hacks to the Moodle SCORM import functionality to do this. When you're ready i'll get him to send it thru to you to take a look at how he does it with Moodle. I like how simple the Interact XML could be. [-- BrentSimpson DateTime(2005-07-13T21:49:07Z)?]

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